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POWERSPORTS CONTINUED KTM at MotorLand Aragon – four riders in all put the RC16 through its paces with an eye on the coming season. motogp Alex Hofmann carried out an extensive series of tests on various GP courses. These serious but brief preparations were the foundation for KTM’s start in the first season. FIRST THE SCREAMER, THEN THE BIG BANGER The KTM RC16 has a 990 cc four-valve V4 engine. Its power is rated between 250 and 270 hp – depending on gear spreads, enough for a top speed of well over 300 kph! The limited number of engines available per rider each season is also a challenge, since it prevents overhauling of certain parts of the homologated engines throughout the entire racing season. At first KTM turned to high-RPM “screamer” engines with a high-performance crankshaft angle and ignition sequence, but the riders were never really happy with their power delivery. In a bold decision considering engine availability, KTM switched to a modified “big bang” crank drive/ignition sequence layout for the 4th Spanish GP in Jerez. The change was promptly reflected in better lap times. In general, the KTM RC16’s reliability has been impressive. MOTOREX RACING FORMULAS Thanks to many years of close collaboration between KTM and MOTOREX, the RC16 uses a special, low-viscosity four-stroke racing engine oil that has been designed especially for duty in a racing engine. The MOTOREX Racing Laboratory focused on reducing friction while ensuring strong protection against wear. A meticulous analysis of the engines after 18 events at the end of the 2017 season gave proof of the racing oil’s dependability as a lubricant. SUCCESS THROUGH TEAMWORK Those fortunate enough to meet the KTM GP team at a customer event are immediately struck by their positive basic attitude. Despite enormous pressure, everyone on the team works hand in hand. This cohesiveness creates opportunities not available to others, and an ideal basis for all three racers to advance further in the coming season. Ready to race? You bet they are! And that goes for all 50-plus KTM team members with their unbridled forward drive. For KTM as rookie make, fifth place in the 2017 constructors’ ranking behind Honda, Ducati, Yamaha and Suzuki, but ahead of Aprilia is a great success! • 12

CAR LINE 20-LITER SIZE EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT SMALLER INVENTORY INVESTMENT CLEAN AND EASY HANDLING COMPACT STORAGE (STACKABLE) BOXED: CAR LINE MOTOR OILS Pioneering products and value-added solutions are what distinguish MOTOREX in the automotive sector. With a focus on brand-specific products, MOTOREX now offers an extensive motor oil assortment in perfectly sized 20-liter bags-in-boxes. The needsfocused concept combines low storage costs with maximum flexibility. BAG-IN-BOX- SHELF AVAILABLE FROM MARCH 2018 Illustration may deviate from the original. With its new bag-in-box packaging system, MOTOREX is providing the automotive sector with an economical solution for small volumes of manufacturer-specific motor oils. A SOPHISTICATED SOLUTION Because it’s important to observe automotive manufacturers’ specifications, repair shops that don’t specialize strictly in a single brand or that also service a subsidiary brand often need a wide range of different motor oils for the various makes and models they handle. Until now the choice has been between the packaging waste of small containers and the cost of keeping large drums on hand. However, the intelligent solution offered by the new MOTOREX 20-liter bag-in-box containers makes all this a thing of the past. The BiB concept offers a wide range of logistical and economic benefits: • Guarantees maximum purity of contents • Minimal waste • Clean and easy handling • Built-in dispenser • Space-saving storage (stackable) • High dispenser flow • Good emptying • Excellent sustainability profile (box can be folded and recycled, empty bag goes in the trash) Your MOTOREX partner will be glad to provide further information. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 111 I JANUARY 2018 13



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