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REPORT CONTINUED 3. BASE OIL AND ADDITIVE STORAGE MOTOREX currently has base oil and additive storage capacity of roughly 8.6 million liters in Langenthal. The additives used in the refining process are delivered by rail or road, often in heated semi-trailers. 8.6 MILL. LITER BASE FLUID TANK FARM 4. THE PUMPING STATION SHOWS THE WAY This is where the equipment specified in the production flow system is interconnected. A sophisticated monitoring system prevents incorrect connections. Precision mass flow meters are capable of recognizing product categories by their specific weight. 85 EXPORT MARKETS 5. ELECTRONIC PROCESS MONITORING The entire production process is carried out by trained specialists. The process monitoring system gives production managers an overview of the ten mixers at all times. 350 EMPLOYEES 6. MIXERS OF DIFFERENT SIZES AND DESIGNS The process of refining base fluids and additives into finished products takes place in heatable mixing containers of sizes ranging from 200 to 20,000 liters, for a total mixing capacity of 100,000 liters. Temperature, sequence, mixing times, and admixture times all play key roles in creating a perfect final product. 100,000 LITERS OF MIXER CAPACITY 1953 ADVERTISING FOR MOTOREX MOTOREX makes its contribution to the rapid development of motoring by providing a wide range of lubricants. 8

2500 FORMULAS 7. THE KEY ROLE OF THE LAB Along with research and development, the laboratory performs a wide range of tasks, such as quality inspection of raw materials on delivery. Lubricant chemists perform additional quality checks up to the final product stage. A reference sample from each final product batch cleared for filling is kept for five years. 100 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 8. FILLING FROM 1 DL TO 1000 LITERS Meanwhile, one of several filling stations has been set up for either drums or small containers. Through an additional filter system, the finished lubricant is either pumped directly into large containers such as tanks and drums or fed to one of the small container filling lines. The finishing lines dispense exactly the prescribed quantity and screw a safety seal cap onto each container. ISO 9001/14001 CERTIFIED 9. STRICT ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS MOTOREX continually invests in new technologies to save energy and protect the environment. For example, the infrastructure for the fluids used in the production process, most of which have to be warm, is fully insulated. Waste heat is systematically captured. An innovative “pigging” system provides highly efficient cleaning of the pipes. A rubber plug is forced through the pipes by compressed air or nitrogen for efficient and sustainable cleaning. 8000 SKUS 10. JUST THE RIGHT LUBRICANT The current generation of engines relies on specially developed lubricants with each manufacturer’s approval. Ever lower-viscosity high-performance lubricants act as a “liquid engineering element” in reducing emissions and fuel consumption. 1965 SPACE GROWS SCARCE By the mid-1960s space is growing scarce and expansion plans are weighed. The project draws within reach with the purchase of 5861 square meters of land on the former gasworks property in 1968. In 1969 Monique Bucher, daughter of Claudine and Edy Bucher, joins the company. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 110 I MAY 2017 9



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