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POWERSPORTS EYES ON MORE THAN JUST THE TITLE Since the late 1970s MOTOREX has been involved in various motor sports as a technical partner. In motorcycle racing alone, the result so far has been no fewer than 104 FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) world championship titles! And what could be better than combining business with pleasure? Developing lubricants for racing and testing them under the toughest conditions also always yields valuable insights for new and improved commercial products. 2015 FORMULAS FOR TODAY AND YESTERDAY As well as researching and developing groundbreaking new lubricants, MOTOREX also provides exactly the right lubricant for the vehicles of yesteryear. An extensive range for classic vehicles was launched in 2015 in the form of the Classic Line. 24

Often faster than 500 cc Solos. Rolf Biland and Kurt Waltisperg always knew how to thrill the crowds. MOTOREX was hard to ignore at the outset of its motorsport career. The same can be said for the many world motocross sidecar championship titles it notched up! In the 1970s enthusiasts would ride their motorcycles to work during the week so they could race on the weekend. Two-stroke engines were popular and strict emissions and noise regulations were still far off. But staying at the front of the pack meant adopting a different approach. Tuning was the order of the day, and specialized machines were developed for racing. The market for racing tires and apparel to match boomed. With the rules evolving from year to year, manufacturers increasingly started getting in on the action with “factory teams.” THE FIRST THREE-WHEEL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP By 1982 the time had come: With MOTOREX in the engine, Mick Bollhalder and Charly Büsser captured the first motorcycle and sidecar world championship title. The two Swiss racers went on to repeat the same feat the next year. Rolf Biland and Kurt Waltisperg set new records on road circuits, winning the world championship in 1983 with MOTOREX. These were the beginnings of a series of world championship trophies. In subsequent years more avid Swiss riders and teams signed contracts, including Bruno Kneubühler (road GP), WET- Motos and Bolliger (endurance), Yves Briguet (Supersport World Championship), Bächtold & Fuss, Hüsser & Hüsser, and Fuhrer & Käser (sidecar motocross) and the Bösiger road sidecar team. Many more riders, teams, and wellearned titles would follow … SUCCESS ACROSS BORDERS Round for round, title for title, motor sports helped MOTOREX build a solid image as a lubricant specialist. Success was no longer limited to Switzerland – far from it. Inquiries arrived in Langenthal from motor racers in many different countries. Meanwhile international demand for Moto Line products was also growing. All this was a perfect fit for the company’s export strategy, which focused on Europe at the outset. In the late 1980s television commercials were broadcast on the Eurosport sports channel in the “Music for Motors” advertising campaign, even as MOTOREX was boosting its presence on the international motocross GP scene through collaboration with the official organizer, Action Group/G. Lungo. 104 1982-2017 2017 NEW BUILDING FOR THE CENTENARY By a stroke of fate, MOTOREX was able to buy the adjacent 11,076 square meter site belonging to Nencki AG. Construction of the new office and production building – Building 2 – began in December 2015. The new building in Gaswerkstrasse in Langenthal will be dedicated in time to coincide with the company’s centenary in 2017. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 110 I MAY 2017 25



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