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WORLDWIDE CONTINUED 4 6 2 7 1 3 5 BUCHER-MOTOREX GROUP PRESENCE 1 MOTOREX Langenthal (headquarters and production plant) 2 MOTOREX Germany, Schriesheim near Heidelberg 3 MOTOREX Austria, Hallein 4 MOTOREX NORDIC AB, Gothenburg, Sweden 5 YORK SAS France, Toulon (also production plant) 6 MOTOREX Poland, Ostrowiec (also production plant) 7 MOTOREX USA Inc., Ventura, California (see map top left) Distribution partners in 85 countries worldwide 2003 COLLABORATION WITH KTM Close collaboration between manufacturers and racing teams is of great importance for everyone involved. MOTOREX and KTM launched their collaboration 14 years ago. Today their partnership is stronger than ever and spans many joint projects. Edi Fischer (current CEO) joins the company. © KTM images 20

THE MOTOREX DISTRIBUTION NETWORK The MOTOREX distribution network rests on two pillars. The company’s own distribution organizations in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, and Sweden are supported logistically by MOTOREX distribution centers in each country. In addition, the international network of distribution partners currently numbers 130 specialists with a name and know-how in their respective countries. The Moto Line product range has been sold through motorcycle dealers since the early 1980s. A second lubricant segment followed from 1998 when international distribution of products for the metal machining industry was launched under the Swissline sub-brand. A few of our original distributors are still with us today, and many new ones have joined them. SUCCESS THROUGH PARTNERSHIP Whether on the Swiss home market, in Europe, or overseas, MOTOREX travels the road to success alongside its dedicated distributors. A representative sample of our dependable partners speak on behalf of them all below : “For us, MOTOREX means high-quality products backed up by great customer service.” KOCHER & CIE, GARAGE ET MACHINES AGRICOLES – CORGÉMONT, SWITZERLAND This family business in the Bernese Jura has been carrying MOTOREX products since 1961. As specialists in farm and forestry equipment, Jean-Pierre and Monique Kocher (left) and Trudi and Erich Kocher (right) depend on MOTOREX on shop floor and sales floor alike. DOUMONT R. J. MOTORS SPRL – BELGIEN Company founder René Doumont took over distribution of MOTOREX motorbike products for Belgium in the 1970s. Today his grandsons Xavier (left) and Fabien are successfully continuing the business. “Despite its current size, we feel that MOTOREX definitely embodies the tangible advantages of a family-owned company.” 2009 INTERNATIONAL ORIENTATION International demand for MOTOREX products is growing. MOTOREX Deutschland AG, the first distribution organization abroad, is established in 2009. Others follow: MOTOREX Österreich GmbH in 2010, MOTOREX Nordic AB (Sweden) and SAV MOTOREX GmbH Germany (two-wheelers only) in 2011, acquisition of YORK France in 2014. During 2017, the year of MOTOREX’s 100th anniversary, the Group’s third production plant will commence operations in Ostrowiec, Poland, to better serve markets to the east and north. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 110 I MAY 2017 21



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