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PEOPLE WE ARE MOTOREX Have you just received delivery of a product, been informed of a laboratory analysis result, or been shown the latest super high lubricity motor oil? Behind every MOTOREX product and action stand people devoting their unique abilities and qualities to our shared success. Success to us is the privilege of working as partners with you, often over several generations. From our apprentices to our current employees, to today’s retirees, we are all MOTOREX. GROWING SPECIALIZATION, GROWING INTERNATIONALIZATION Over the past 100 years, it is not only what is expected of our products that has increased enormously, but also what is expected from MOTOREX’s people. In the early days, all the company needed was enthusiastic salespeople, strong production workers, and diligent Germanspeaking office workers. Today, although these qualities are certainly still in demand, they are no longer the sole determinants of success. Women and men in a vast range of occupations have joined us: drivers, warehouse workers, chemists, HR staff, machinists, engineers, lab technicians, mechanics, customer service specialists, IT specialists, forklift drivers, quality and safety experts, process managers, product managers, logisticians, export specialists, finance and controlling officers, multilingual receptionists, marketing specialists, and many more. Many positions, including senior management roles, are now occupied by women, deliberately and without a need for quotas. This evolution was made possible many years ago with the creation of part-time jobs and job sharing. As a result, concurrently with advances in technology and increasing internationalization, our requirements for skilled employees have continually evolved. Depending on the requirements of the job, we no longer recruit suitable employees at all levels only in Switzerland, but internationally. Language and professional skills, experience, aptitude and, not least, passion and enthusiasm should fit the job and complement each other. So it’s not surprising that there are some 20 different nationalities represented among the 350 or so people currently at MOTOREX. Thank you for allowing us to be MOTOREX for you. • 1987 NEW MC SYNTHETIC OILS Using a low-evaporation MC (molecularly converted) base oil in combination with specially selected additives, MOTOREX develops a new generation of motor oils. The high-quality properties of these Synthetic Performance lubricants are similar to those of fully synthetic formulas. An original TV commercial advertises the innovation. TV commercial for the launch “Gas Station 1” watch?v=gYixXwyX4HU 14

1989 THE BENEFITS OF ECO POWER MOTOREX surprised the market when it launched Bioguard, its first degradable chainsaw oil. A further showcase product is MOTOREX Oekosynt HEES, a hydraulic fluid based on natural esters that is rapidly biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301-B. To be continued ... MOTOREX MAGAZINE 110 I MAY 2017 15



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