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PRACTICE UNPROTECTED PROTECTED Most metals corrode without protection. This not has a negative impact on their functionality and causes costs, it looks bad too. In FLUID 466, MOTOREX has a proven means of protection against the brown plague. FLUID 466 PROTECTS ! People who depend on perfectly functioning machinery and vehicles every day also think about how to protect them. WAXY, THIXOTROPIC FLUID MOTOREX FLUID 466 is a barium-free, waxy anti-corrosion product that forms a homogeneous, non-tacky protective film. Because the protective fluid is also thixotropic, it won’t run off or drip even when applied to vertical surfaces. FLUID 466 offers the following benefits: • Saltwater-resistant corrosion protection • Successfully passes 1000-hour salt-spray test • Forms a non-tacky, non-sticky wax film • Does not drip on application (thixotropic) • Dries quickly • Heat-resistant, dropping point above 120 ° C (DIN ISO 2176) • Lasting protection against corrosion • Removable by steaming • Contains no barium • Contains no aromatic compounds VERSATILE APPLICATIONS FLUID 466 is perfect for protecting vehicles and machinery in seasonal storage, for preserving cavities and protecting underbodies. Provides optimum protection against salt water action. It is also ideal for preserving semi-finished products, devices and tools for storage outdoors, indoors, or in barns. EASY TO WORK WITH The easy-to-work-with anti-corrosion fluid can be applied by dipping or with rollers, brushes, or compressed air sprayers. The 400-ml FLUID 466 spray is ideal for instant protection after assembly work. Protection pays off! Your MOTOREX partner will be happy to provide further information. • Versatile: In municipal services, FLUID 466 provides ideal protection against saltwater corrosion for salt spreaders and machinery. It is also perfect for jobs like preserving the underside of doors in vintage cars. 20

SWEDEN The future belongs to eco-friendly car wash corridors like the ones from Fibre Wash AB in Sweden. GREEN AND CLEAN Washing your car in front of the house? Those days are over. In many towns it’s now prohibited. Twenty-five Fibre Wash car wash corridors throughout Sweden offer an alternative. MOTOREX is part of the clean solution with OEKOSYNT HEES rapidly biodegradable hydraulic fluid. Founded in 1990, Fibre Wash AB offers complete car wash solutions, including design, engineering, commissioning, training, servicing and environmentally friendly recycling technologies for water and air. Thanks to many years of experience, the car wash pros from Billdal are known for top quality, dependability, and technologies that are safe for the environment. The company works closely with MOTOREX in the field of lubricants and operating fluids. use in wash corridors, and meets the stringent requirements with flying colors. In addition to its environmental benefits, OEKOSYNT HEES boasts a superior service life that delivers a measurable economic payoff. This is confirmed by Guldhedsgaragets Bilservice AB, the company that services the wash corridors at the Volvo plant in Gothenburg, and which sends oil samples to the lab in Langenthal for analysis at regular intervals. LOTS OF HYDRAULICS Much of the equipment is driven by oil-based hydraulic motors. The primary pump feeds eight hydraulic motors for the wash mechanisms and one to drive the conveyor. Some 200 liters of hydraulic oil flow through the complex system, often under high pressures. Hoses and lines are continually exposed to moisture and corrosive substances and must be inspected regularly. Rapidly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES ISO 46 hydraulic fluid from MOTOREX is ideal for heavy-duty ON THE JOB AT VOLVO, FORD, GM AND VW Even brand-new cars fresh from the factory need washing. Automaker Volvo Cars operates several Belanger wash corridors that meet Volvo’s current extremely strict environmental requirements. The systems are capable of gently washing between 55 and 70 cars per hour. Each year some 50–60,000 new cars are washed at the Volvo plant in Sweden. In the United States, Belanger also supplies major auto manufacturers such as Ford, GM and VW. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 109 I JANUARY 2017 21


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