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INSIDE Every day the new

INSIDE Every day the new MOTOREX analytical lab examines and assesses a large number of samples received from customers. The results are shared with them in an easy to understand form. MORE SAMPLES, MORE SERVICE MOTOREX has experienced steady growth in recent years. Along with highly innovative formulas, customers love the valuable services that have always been a part of MOTOREX products. Lab capacity, especially for analyzing customers’ samples, has been further expanded by hiring additional staff and installing stateof-the-art infrastructure. Lubricants and operating fluids are a key factor in keeping machines running smoothly and keeping vehicles moving on land, on water, or in the air. MOTOREX lubricant specialists can help customers identify the most suitable product. For many shop floor applications, analysis of customers’ samples provides an important indicator of the condition of both machine and fluid. WATER- OR OIL-BASED? Analysis kits for taking customer samples are available from local MOTOREX representatives or the Technical Customer Service. Once it’s been received by the Technical Customer Service in Langenthal, each sample gets a lab ticket with a serial number. In the analytical lab, the samples are categorized by composition as “waterbased” or “oil-based” and analyzed according to the detailed lab ticket. INFORMATIVE ANALYSES Every step of sample analysis is carried out in MOTOREX’s own laboratory. Measurements are compared with values from the reference sample taken and archived during production. It is important for the analysis process to be both rapid and precise. In the new lab, several analytical methods have been automated. Automation, in the form of autosamplers, plays a key role in improving the efficiency and precision of routine analytics. This has a positive impact on throughput times, with some devices running overnight to deliver the results the next morning. This is because there is high demand for these analytical results, which often serve as a basis for decisions on matters such as overhaul work and fluid changes, which at industrial plants can involve several hundred liters of fluid. CLEAR FEEDBACK The results of the laboratory analyses are interpreted by MOTOREX’s in-house lubricant specialists and then shared with the customer in an understandable form. In a dialog with the MOTOREX Technical Customer Service or local partner, the customer then knows exactly what actions are required, if any. MOTOREX also gains valuable insight into how well products hold up under a wide range of field conditions. • 14

OVER 120 DIFFERENT ANALYSES MOTOREX currently performs 120 types of analysis and investigation in its own facilities. The most important include: EQUIPMENT ANALYSIS Viscosimeter Dynamically / kinematically determining viscosity The work areas at the newly built analytical lab are roomy and well-lit. IR spectrum (infrared spectroscopy) Cold cranking simulator Karl Fischer titrometer Determining identity and divergence from reference values, lubricant composition analysis Low temperature resistance to starting Water content of lubricants pH titration Measurement of acidic components, determining changes in concentration of acidic compounds, for example due to oxidation processes. Determining alkali reserves of oil formulations RFA spectroscopy Determining elemental content of oils Pour point test device Determining the low-temperature solidification point of oils This spectrometer with autosampler automatically tests customers’ samples for elemental content. NOACK test device Evaporation loss of base oils and final formulations Flame point measuring device Fuel contamination, quality characteristics /deviations BOSCH pump Shear stability, viscosity loss during lubricant use Particulate measuring device Particulate contamination through wear and foreign matter Filterability measurement device Determining filterability Machining fluids are checked for fungi and bacteria at constant temperature in an incubator. See also Tribology A–Z at for explanations of technical terms MOTOREX MAGAZINE 109 I JANUARY 2017 15


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