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GEAR OIL Mats Bremberg

GEAR OIL Mats Bremberg (l.) and Tony Hugosson are hard workers. And not only when they’re working on an automatic transmission. Their company receives orders from all over Sweden … ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT GEAR There are some 60,000 trucks and buses on the road in Sweden. In many thousands of them, the job of shifting gears is done by an automatic transmission. When it’s time for repairs, overhauls or modifications after millions of gear changes, specialists like Mats and Tony of SM Transmission Service AB are in high demand. Established in 1989, the company is currently managed by Mats Bremberg and Tony Hugosson in Bollebygd, about 50 kilometers east of Gothenburg. Both have backgrounds in the commercial vehicle industry, and have come to specialize in any kind of work related to automatic transmissions by accumulating a wealth of knowledge on brands such as Detroit Diesel, Allison Transmission and Chelsey. A COMPREHENSIVE SPECIALTY Automatic transmissions in commercial vehicles transmit enormous forces of up to 750 hp and have long since ceased to be simple hydromechanical devices. They are mainly used in buses, emergency vehicles (fire trucks and ambulances), garbage trucks and delivery vehicles that make frequent stops and starts. Electronic technology has brought new dimensions to ever more powerful transmissions tuned for convenience. And that is just how the people at SM Transmission like it. All this sophistication means that specialists from a range of disciplines are needed to repair automatic transmissions or even modify them to meet customer needs. ELECTRONICS AND SKILLED HANDS Modifications, such as converting garbage truck transmissions to switch automatically to neutral or programming steering-wheel electronics, are an SM Transmission specialty. Reprogramming shift points and other parameters for the precise requirements of applications such as delivery services can yield measurable fuel efficiency gains. A PREFERENCE FOR ALLISON America’s Allison automatic transmissions are preferred for their robust design and even power transfer. 8

Mats and Tony also depend on MOTOREX for the classics. The company’s broad product range and consulting capabilities are unique. A special test bed is used for analysis and post-service testing of transmissions. As an authorized Allison service provider, SM Transmission performs warranty work for various vehicle manufacturers in southwestern Sweden. The torque converter is the heart of the hydrodynamic power transfer system. All power is carried by the ATF (automatic transmission fluid). This is especially valued in vehicles that make frequent starts and stops. Leading makes such as Volvo, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, DAF and Renault as well as bus manufacturers such as Van Hool, Evo Bus, Solaris and others install Allison transmissions in their vehicles. SM Transmission is officially certified by these and other manufacturers to perform warranty services on automatic transmissions throughout southwestern Sweden. Each year Allison provides specialist training and tests the abilities of its official partners. Only those with the best results are awarded the Allison Guild Membership distinction. Besides Allison, the Bollebygd-based company also services other brands, such as Powertronic transmissions for all Volvo truck and bus dealers in the region. VERSATILE TALENT No one who knows what it takes to work on automatic transmissions will be surprised that SM Transmission also applies its talents in other areas related to the repair and servicing of vehicles and machinery of all kinds. Mats and Tony are especially committed to the quality of their work, the parts they install, and of course of the lubricants they use. “In our particular line of work, it’s always worth working with specialists”, Mats and Tony are unanimous: “The analysis is the most important part of every job.” Tony Hugosson confirms. The company owners have had such good results using MOTOREX products that they’ve also chosen contemporary motor oils from the MOTOREX Classic Line for their true passion, classic cars from America and Europe. • FACTS AND FIGURES Company SM Transmission Service AB Headquarters Bollebygd, east of Gothenburg Established 1989 Employees 3 Representing Allison, TranSynd, Hydrocar, Chelsea, Parker, MOTOREX Sales SEK 4 million Website (Swedish) MOTOREX MAGAZINE 108 I JULY 2016 9



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