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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS MIKROMAT GRINDS AWAY WITH SWISSGRIND ZOOM SYNT MIKROMAT is well-known in the metalworking industry as a 150-yearold manufacturer of milling and grinding machines. The Dresden-based company recently conducted a series of tests with MOTOREX’s chlorinefree, aromatic-free SWISSGRIND ZOOM SYNT in one of its latest-generation grinding machines. The results were excellent on all criteria. In particular, ZOOM SYNT’s outstanding cooling performance at high material removal rates and low oil mist formation are frequently cited strong selling points. As a result, the product is now on the German machine tool manufacturer’s recommendations list and is being actively recommended. RACING FORK OIL WITH 3D RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY MOTOREX’s newly developed RACING FORK OIL 4W (see“Inside” article starting on page 14) means that all its fork oils (2.5W, 4W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W and 15W) are available in advanced formulations. By specifically modi fying the molecular structure, the new fork oil generation with MOTOREX 3D RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY opens up previously unknown possibilities in suspension tuning. The technology is based on the following three factors: 1. Low friction coefficients and precisely calculated breakaway torques (jolt-free sliding) 2. Optimum air release characteristics (consistent high performance) 3. Maximum temperature and shear stability (racing requirements) The technology’s three-dimensional structure ensures perfect harmony between the sensitive factors influencing the forces that push and pull within the fork. The new MOTOREX RACING FORK OILs can be used in all modern telescoping forks. The 4W viscosity is especially suited to the WP performance systems forks found in stock KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles. MÖLNDAL’S FIRST CHOICE: RADICAL CLEANER Mölndal is one of world’s leading cities in recycling and waste management. That’s why the city has an efficient and effective municipal engineer’s department with a fleet of around 30 heavy trucks and 200 cars, machines and tractors. Like all the other equipment, these obviously need regular cleaning as well as maintenance. Thomas Sörensen and Iva Andersson are in charge of the cleaning facilities, which are in use every single day of the week. They spent some considerable time trying to find an environmentally compatible universal cleaner. Their quest ended when they tested MOTOREX’s VOC-free, rapidly biodegradable RADICAL CLEANER. The universal cleaner is ideal for machinery, metal parts, vehicles, engines, chassis, tarpaulins and even floors. Employees like Bernt Boström (photo), who is in charge of an NTM Quattro Select, are so happy with the choice that they’ve put a MOTOREX sticker on the back of their vehicle. 4

EXCELLENCE TIMES TWO: MOTOREX DRY POWER AND WET PROTECT Europe’s leading racing bike magazine TOUR and its sister publication for mountain bikes “bike” tested 30 different chain lubricants, comparing the products’ lubricating capacity, dirt adhesion, penetrating capacity, ease of use and price-performance relationship. Two 300-ml chain sprays from MOTOREX, DRY POWER and WET PROTECT, took the top spots in the overall assessment with test ratings of “excellent,” and MOTOREX DRY POWER was the overall winner in the priceperformance category. Quality really is measurable! MOTOREX DRY POWER MOTOREX WET PROTECT Available containers 56 ml / 100 ml squeeze bottle, 300 ml spray can 56 ml / 100 ml squeeze bottle, 300 ml spray can Criterion Lubricating capacity (50 %) Dirt adhesion (20%) Penetrating capacity (20%) Ease of use (10%) Rating Excellent Excellent Picture: RECOGNIZING OUTSTANDING JOB SKILLS Switzerland’s 16 best agricultural equipment, construction and motorized equipment mechanics recently faced off for SwissSkills, the national occupational skills competition, at the training center of the organizer, the Swiss Metal Union. For two days contestants sweated it out on troubleshooting, screw tightening, and testing. The championship consisted of four sections focusing on mechanical drives, motors, electrical systems and hydraulics. Switzerland’s three best mechanics were identified in the finals. All three winners were awarded a scholarship for advanced training. As a cooperating partner, MOTOREX congratulates the winners! NEW UNIVERSAL HYPOID GEAR OIL Hypoid gear drives (with an off-center axis between the pinion and crown wheel) are known for their high load capacity and quiet running. These factors make them especially suited for axle differentials. In general, the teeth of these gears have to contend with extremely high pressures. Suitable for a very wide range of applications, the new GEAR OIL UNIVERSAL CT SAE 80W/90 was developed for heavy and heavily loaded drive axles (API GL-5, MT-1) in trucks, buses, construction equipment and processing machines. The sophisticated formula offers lasting protection against wear and includes a high-lubricity component that reduces fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions as well. Your MOTOREX partner will be glad to provide full details of this versatile new product. Picture: Volvo Trucks MOTOREX MAGAZINE 108 I JULY 2016 5



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