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MOTOREX. AND IT RUNS LIKE A CHARM. A motorcycle is not just a vehicle – it stands for passion, sportiness and pure driving pleasure. Unless the mechanics let you down. That‘s why the MOTOREX MOTO LINE offers you a unique, specialized line of lubricants and care products that are all easy to use and effective. Find out more about how our partnership with world-class racing teams and leading motorcycle brands ensures greater reliability, higher performance and enhanced safety: 2

CONTENTS EDITORIAL NEWS 4 News at and about MOTOREX WHAT’S NEW 6 It has what it takes: MOTOREX Bag in Box GEAR OIL 8 SM Transmissions: always in the right gear Dear customers and readers MOTOREX IN A BOX REPORT 10 Geneva Airport: Well-oiled gateway to the world INSIDE 14 Product development RACING FORK OIL 4W EXPORT 16 Iaponiki S.A. – out of the crisis, stronger than ever I’m sure you can remember when the first PET beverage bottles were introduced a few years ago. Nowadays we can hardly imagine doing without the many advantages of these lightweight, unbreakable bottles. At MOTOREX we’ve long been aware of the benefits that innovative packaging systems and application solutions can bring. Results like the multiple award-winning MOTOREX one-liter bottle with built-in filling dispenser or the recently introduced Brainypack for AdBlue® are proof enough. The latest packaging innovation from MOTOREX is called “Bag in Box.” A 20-liter plastic bag with a dispenser is protected by a sturdy cardboard box. The system not only has numerous benefits for the contents, it’s also easy to use, as successful practical testing has shown. Read more about it on page 6. New packaging systems always have an impact on the entire production line as well, presenting fresh challenges for equipment and logistical systems. The necessary infrastructure, whether it consists of filling equipment, hose and metering systems or labeling equipment, is not always available on the market and often has to be invented, manufactured and programmed first. INDUSTRY 18 MOTOREX Spindle Line PRACTICE 20 Clean power: INTENSIVE CLEANER BIKE LINE 21 Washing a bicycle without water That makes the ability to tackle new challenges and implement the solutions with the usual MOTOREX standard of quality a fundamental requirement for success. This issue of MOTOREX Magazine presents a current cross-section of many innovations in the world of lubrication. I hope you’ll find it interesting reading. Yours BOX 22 Cool ideas / Do you know … / Comic Rainer Baron, Equipment and Logistics Manager Member of the Board of Management BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL IMPRESSUM Editor: BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL I MOTOREX Lubrication I Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31 I CH-4901 Langenthal I Tel. +41 (0)62 919 75 75 I Fax +41 (0)62 919 75 95 I Customer service by phone. Advice and problem solving also in German, French and Italian I Overall responsibility for content: Linda Hüsemann-Tüns I Language versions: Published in German, English, French and Swedish. I Total print run: 80,000 copies I Design, redaction and art direction: AESCHLIMANN, Advertising Concepts and PR GmbH, Muri/Berne I Translation: BMP Translations AG, Basel I Graphics and prepress: BURKI SCHERER AG, Oftringen I Printing: Merkur Druck AG, Langenthal I Text contributions may be used when source is indicated. I Cover photo: Rally Zone Bauer/KTM Images I MOTOREX ® and all employed product names are internationally protected trade marks. I No responsibility is accepted for printing errors or changes in the technical data. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 108 I JULY 2016 3



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