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PRACTICE Removing dirt

PRACTICE Removing dirt can be a timeconsuming process. As a result, people are sometimes tempted to use cleaners that are too aggressive. With a special mix of active ingredients structured as a microemulsion, MOTOREX INTENSIVE CLEANER dissolves even stubborn dirt like carbonized and “baked-on” oils and greases. A visible difference: half of this aluminum engine block was cleaned with INTENSIVE CLEANER. CLEAN POWER: INTENSIVE CLEANER Working clean means that cleaning parts, machinery and equipment is a routine part of the job. So you expect the cleaner you use to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. MICROEMULSION The formula for the new INTENSIVE CLEANER includes a variety of quality additives and inhibitors with natural, powerful grease-dissolving and surfactant properties. The recipe is structured as a “microemulsion,” in other words a mixture of several ingredients that form tiny droplets in their dispersed phase. As a result, the cleaner adheres to the surface and can penetrate into the dirt. Once it’s had five to ten minutes to soak in, it will have softened the contaminant layer enough to rinse off with water. Evaporation intensifies the cleaning effect. • dissolves the toughest dirt • contains no solvents (VOCs) • rapidly biodegradable • easily separated in oil separators (washers) Have questions about where and how to use it? Your MOTOREX partner will be happy to provide further information. • The new cleaner is structured as a microemulsion. BIO WITH POWER INTENSIVE CLEANER can be used in many cleaning applications as a cleaning concentrate for initial degreasing. Depending on the application (it’s ideal for removing bugs), the cleaner can be diluted with water at ratios from 1:20 to 1:5 and sprayed on. Undiluted, it can even be used to dissolve tar. The new MOTOREX INTENSIVE CLEANER offers these benefits: Top marks for the new INTENSIVE CLEANER: The new cleaner’s properties were tested in lab and real-world tests. 20

BIKE LINE You can’t always use water to clean your bike. In fact, when cleaning e-bikes it’s best to use little or no water to protect the electronics. The new MOTOREX QUICK CLEAN is proof that fast, gentle cleaning is possible even without water. WASH YOUR BIKE WITHOUT WATER SPRAY DOWN Spray the bike down using the 500-ml pump atomizer, which can be rotated 360°. Incidentally, the 360° spray bottle with its powerful pump system and continuously adjustable atomizer is a key element in the successful cleaning process. Use it to reach parts of the bike where other cleaners spray nothing but air. LEAVE TO SOAK IN After a short soak-in period (five minutes or less) the dirt will have softened. Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight. The soak-in period is finished once the dirt can be removed completely without effort. WIPE OFF Remove the dirt layer using the softest available clean, dry cloth. A special frictionreducing component of QUICK CLEAN removes the dirt from the surface. QUICK CLEAN removes even tough fouling like grease and oil, adds shine and causes rain or splash water to bead off of all surfaces (metal, plastic, paint, glass and even carbon). There’s a positive side to not being able to wash your bike with water: When the electronics in your e-bike escape corrosion and highgrade surfaces stay spot-free, they’ll thank you for not using water to clean. QUICK CLEAN gives excellent results, and the ground in front of your house stays dry. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 108 I JULY 2016 21



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