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EXPORT Iaponiki S. A.

EXPORT Iaponiki S. A. gathering at the Geneva Motor Show (from left): Mrs Anna Magopoulou (Iaponiki S. A. Marketing Director) and Mr Nikos Magopoulos (Iaponiki S. A. Managing Director) meet Mr Martin Wabnegger (MOTOREX Area Sales Manager), Mr Edi Fischer (BUCHER MOTOREX Group CEO) and Mr Sergio Pezzali (MOTOREX Area Sales Manager). OUT OF THE CRISIS, STRONGER THAN EVER Talk of Greece has been everywhere in recent years. But the situation there, and especially the resulting structural adjustments, have produced market opportunities for solid companies. One of these is Iaponiki S. A., the longtime MOTOREX Car Line importer. Every crisis has a silver lining. A firmly established business, Iaponiki S. A. has even managed to gain market share. A willingness to take risks was also a factor. Despite the many uncertainties, MOTOREX continued to supply its loyal customer and became part of the success story. IAPONIKI SINCE 1973 The family business was founded by Mr Dimitris Magopoulos in 1973. Its business model, then and now, is importing and distributing spare parts for Japanese and subsequently also European cars. Today the firm is successfully managed from its Athens headquarters by the family’s second generation. The company employs about 260 people, supplying some 2000 customers from a central warehouse and 16 company-owned branches throughout the Greek mainland and island of Crete. More than the half of its customers are independent auto repair shops. Driven by its strong commitment, Iaponiki has become the leading aftermarket auto parts retailer in Greece despite – or perhaps precisely because of – the hard economic times. BENEFITING FROM STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENTS Because it is flexible, Iaponiki was able to gain many customers within range of its branch offices during the crisis. Parts and lubricant orders were promptly delivered by delivery vans and scooters, sometimes several times a day. This allowed local retailers and auto repair shops to free up capital by keeping inventories low. In addition, the difficult economic environment forced competitors to cease operations, leaving their customers to find new suppliers. Iaponiki was ready not just to fill the gap, but to win them over, thanks in large part to the company’s commitment to quality and ability to provide useful advice. For several years now Iaponiki has been providing regular technical training courses for its customers. It is 16

The recently opened logistics center near Athens airport (Markopoulo) offers 5000 square meters of warehouse space with modern infrastructure. currently expanding its training center at company headquarters. It began collaborating with MOTOREX in 1996 as a distributor and has been exclusive importer of MOTOREX automotive products since 2001. READY FOR THE FUTURE In June 2015 Iaponiki opened a new 5000 square meter logistics center near Athens airport. The center delivers direct to all Iaponiki branches. The branches provide a second level of short-range distribution. The benefits of operating an in-house central warehouse with modern infrastructure are not just logistical. Interestingly, the introduction of capital controls in Greece in the summer of 2015 played a further key role in the company’s business success. Unlike many of its competitors, Iaponiki was able to maintain delivery capacity for the entire period thanks to good stock management capabilities at its new logistics center and the trust of its longtime suppliers. (Despite the uncertainty surrounding the institutional structures enabling companies to make payments abroad, MOTOREX continued to supply Iaponiki.) This helped the company maintain a high service level and attract many new customers. A visit to the MOTOREX production site in Langenthal was a high point for the visitors from Greece. SWITZERLAND STANDS FOR QUALITY Especially when it comes to motor oils, “Made in Switzerland” is recognized worldwide as a promise of exceptionally high quality. Wherever there’s an automotive lubrication job to be done, MOTOREX Car Line products offer the perfect solution. In late 2015 Iaponiki held a sales contest to further raise awareness of MOTOREX among its customers. The nine top customers won a trip to Switzerland with visits to MOTOREX and to the Geneva International Motor Show (main photo). After all, you can only win if you grasp opportunities! • One of Iaponiki’s 16 branches in Greece (115, Nea Monastiriou, Thessaloniki). The company imports a wide variety of global brand-name products. FACTS AND FIGURES Company Iaponiki S. A. Based in Pallini, Athens Established 1973 Employees 260 Operates in Greece Sales EUR 36 million Website (Greek) MOTOREX MAGAZINE 108 I JULY 2016 17



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