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REPORT CONTINUED A VERSATILE WORKSHOP One service here with a sophisticated hierarchical structure, ready to go at a moment’s notice, is the airport fire department. Incidentally, did you know that any time a plane takes on fuel with passengers on board, a fire truck is required to be standing by in the immediate vicinity? What’s more, the airport can only operate at full capacity when fire and emergency vehicles and their crews are all at full readiness. Keeping them in perfect trim is the job of quite likely the most versatile workshop in Frenchspeaking Switzerland, with an on-site spare parts warehouse run by parts warehouse and project manager Pascal Dethiollaz. 189,000 FLIGHT MOVEMENTS 200 DIFFERENT OCCUPATIONS Pascal Dethiollaz explains the unique features of the Rosenbauer Panther CA07 fire truck with 8×8 drive and 2×750 hp engines. The fire department’s wide range of specialized firefighting and emergency vehicles has to be ready for action at all times. Service and lubrication demands are varied and exacting, ranging from escalators to buses. ESCALATOR AND BUS The parts warehouse is expansive because many parts have to be kept in stock at all times. A large video screen in the main shop area of the mechanical workshop and warehouse displays any malfunctions as soon as they occur. When one appears, a team leader is assigned and a skilled team of technicians springs into action to deal with the problem. It may be an escalator that suddenly begins to make unpleasant sounds, or one of the airport’s 26 buses may get a flat that needs to be changed at a moment’s notice. Vehicles and machinery are serviced and repaired during “normal” working hours. During off-peak hours an unflappable standby crew keeps the shop running as long as the airport is operating. OVER 310 VEHICLES The vehicle fleet alone comprises over 310 different cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, municipal and special-purpose vehicles and buses. And that doesn’t in- 12

59 AIRLINES 310 VEHICLES TO LUBRICATE Some 310 vehicles are supplied with the appropriate prescribed products in the airport’s on-site workshop. A sound-absorbing aircraft engine test bed (picture above) with a variety of hydraulic functions is currently going into service. clude motorized equipment and fixed installations like gangways, lifting systems, winches and much more. MOTOREX has prepared a lubrication schedule for each vehicle and every piece of equipment, delivering exactly the required products from a single source in accordance with mandatory safety guidelines. “Thanks to the expert advice of MOTOREX’s lubrication specialists, we now have a manageable solution for the countless applications here,” explains Dethiollaz as he inspects the centralized lubricant storage facility. FAVORITE COLOR: GREEN When operations inside the airport are running smoothly, there is a positive impact on all flight operations. Punctuality, of course, is every airline’s highest priority. When the airport is operating at full capacity, the staff’s favorite color is green because the status of on-schedule flights is shown in green on the arrivals and departures boards. After all, dependability and “MOTOREX offers us an ideal solution from a single supplier.” Pascal Dethiollaz punctuality are among the key virtues that Switzerland is known for. When passengers in Geneva can take these thing for granted, it brings them that much closer to the skies. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 108 I JULY 2016 13



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