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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS WASHING A BICYCLE WITHOUT WATER You can’t always use water to clean your bike. In fact, when cleaning e-bikes it’s best to use as little water as possible to protect the electronics. The new MOTOREX QUICK CLEAN is proof that quick, gentle cleaning is possible even without water. Just spray down the bike using the 360° rotating pump mister (500 ml), let it soak, then polish with a clean, dry, soft cloth. QUICK CLEAN removes even resistant dirt, makes the bike gleam and causes rain and splash water to roll off all surfaces (metal, plastic, paint, glass and even carbon). The result speaks for itself, so no need to reach for the hose. FARMER LINE IN NEW CLOTHING When the Farmer Line was introduced many years ago, it laid the foundation for MOTOREX’s industry-specific product lines. Since then the Swiss leader has set the standard with its complete, continually updated assortment of lubricants, cleaning and care products. The updated product labels on small containers of agricultural products now provide a better visual expression of this commitment. The new design features a graphical symbol indicating the product’s purpose, and there’s room on the resealable folding adhesive labels for information in 15 languages. These features are guaranteed to boost sales of Farmer Line products in their new clothing. PIT STOP WITH ALPINE TOP PAO 220 Snow groomers have complex transmission configurations (transfer gears, final drives, winch systems, etc.) that operate under unusually heavy loads. Transmission components are exposed to high torque and large temperature fluctuations for hundreds of hours. As a result, the choice of transmission oil is key for trouble-free operation and protection of the assembly. The new fully synthetic ALPINE TOP PAO 220 is a special transmission oil for snow groomers that perfectly meets all requirements. A special combination of high-pressure additives significantly reduces wear while ensuring high reliability. It also offers maximum protection for wet brakes and takes account of the special frictional characteristics required there. Based on polyalphaolefins (PAOs), this special transmission oil has a viscosity of SAE 75W/140 or ISO 220 and meets or exceeds DIN 51 517/T3: CLP – ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC / CKD / CKE – API GL-4. 4

MOTOR OIL NEWS FROM THE CAR LINE This spring (small container available from May 2016), MOTOREX rolls up to the starting line with two new high-lubricity motor oils precisely formulated to meet manufacturers’ specifications. New, synthetic, fuel-efficient CON- CEPT J-XL SAE 0W/20 was developed for use in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. It can be used in all 2015 and later model V6 and V8 gasoline engines of these makes. PROFILE V-XL SAE 0W/30 is a fully synthetic, super- high-lubricity engine oil for gasoline and diesel engines with exhaust gas treatment and long-life service for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group. The latest base fluids combine with special additives to guarantee effective protection against wear and outstanding fuel economy and emissions values. CONCEPT J-XL SAE 0W/20 ACEA A1 / B1 JAGUAR LAND ROVER STJLR.51.5122 PROFILE V-XL SAE 0W/30 ACEA C3 VV 504 00 / 507 00 SPECIAL OIL FOR OVERHEAD SLEWING CRANES In COREX VI 42, MOTOREX is bringing to market a hydraulic fluid specially designed and tested for hay and industrial cranes. The main characteristics of this category of cranes are extremely high performance at high operating speeds over a broad range of temperatures. With its wide viscosity-temperature range, COREX VI 42 ensures consistently strong performance by the hydraulic system while providing optimum lubrication – even at elevated oil temperatures in the summer. In low winter temperatures, the special composition of the hydraulic fluid guarantees that the oil loses none of its flow characteristics, which in turn prevents damage such as cavitation in pumps and hydraulic cylinders. Available in 200, 60 and 25-liter containers. Picture: Bächtold Landtechnik AG, Menznau NEW COMBINATION: PTFE + OIL MOTOREX combines the benefits of fully synthetic oil and PTFE solid lubricant (also known as Teflon ® ) in its new PTFE OIL SPRAY. The lubricant penetrates quickly, exhibiting a dielectric effect, and its PTFE particles sustainably reduce the coefficient of friction. The result is lasting lubrication without the dreaded stick-slip effect. Available in a 500-ml spray with super-handy 360° spray nozzle. Try it today! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 107 I APRIL 2016 5



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