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PRACTICE SKILLFUL SEPARATION The innovative CONFORM 5450 BIO release agent fulfills a long-held wish of buildingtrade professionals: it can be used with both concrete and bitumen, is free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and rapidly biodegradable. Emeric Dubosson explains why he finds the product so compelling. Emeric Dubosson (Workshop and Earth Moving Manager) Building contractors Michaud & Mariaux SA (www. from Monthey in the Canton of Valais (Switzerland), employing a workforce of 65 in the high season, is a typical SME. Specializing in regional construction and civil engineering, the company was founded in 1990 and has long worked with MOTOREX products. Emeric Dubosson has been successfully using CONFORM 5450 BIO release agent ever since it was launched and reports on his experience. NEW INGREDIENTS AND FORMULAS Where in the past the most common commercial release agents used paraffin or naphthene-based refined petroleum products of low to medium viscosity with a high solvent content, the priority today is lower environmental impact with the same or even better separation performance. This has resulted in the use of thin, rapidly biodegradable base oils like those in CONFORM 5450 BIO. Likewise solvents containing VOCs are no longer used. CONFORM 5450 BIO prevents adhesion of bitumen and can also generally be used to protect against corrosion (does not degrade plastics). When innovative additives with features that include greatly improved air and water expulsion are used, the excellent surface quality of the concrete is immediately apparent to the eye. This characteristic is of particular importance for stained and architectural fair-faced concrete. 20

Pictures: NOE-Schalungstechnik, Oensingen Use a release agent sprayer with a flat spray nozzle and always spray at maximum pressure. VOC-free CONFORM 5450 BIO yields a perfect formwork pattern, even with the most demanding release jobs like this form liner. MULTITALENTED CONFORM 5450 BIO Dubosson has many years of experience in his profession. He uses CONFORM 5450 BIO as release agent with all types of formwork (metal, plastic and wood), as a bitumen release agent with road pavers and to protect vehicles, machinery and tools against corrosion. He particularly values the fact that he can use the same product to supply both his structural and civil engineering crews, since this prevents mix-ups and costly misapplications. REAL-WORLD BENEFITS “Spraying any release agent on correctly is key for the formwork pattern,” Dubosson says. Tips for using CONFORM 5450 BIO successfully: • Spray on only a thin but regular film • Apply the release agent very sparingly • Use a proper sprayer with a flat spray nozzle • Never use a thinner with the release agent • Also suitable for protection (loading ramp) before bonding concrete and bitumen • Compatible with materials such as rubber (silent blocks) and plastic CONFORM 5450 BIO’s ideal effectiveness and avoidance of solvents containing VOCs pay off from both a business and an environmental perspective. “Spraying any release agent on correctly is key for the formwork pattern.” Emeric Dubosson (Workshop and Earth Moving Manager) Ask your MOTOREX partner about the applications for CONFORM 5450 BIO and discover hidden potential for improvement. • MOTOREX CONFORM 5450 BIO Solvent-free, rapidly biodegradable concrete release agent. A special additive reduces friction, enabling optimum filling and dispersal of concrete in all types of formwork. With excellent corrosion-proofing and a special additive for de-aeration. Produces no toxic fumes, making it suitable for use in enclosed spaces and in tunnel construction. Guarantees high surface quality, e.g. for stained concrete or architectural fair-faced concrete. Available ready-to-use in 200-liter drums or 25-liter containers. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 107 I APRIL 2016 21



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