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INDUSTRY Picture: Picture: Picture: Picture: PRECISION TURNING WATCHMAKING SPECIAL-PURPOSE PRODUCTS MACHINE TOOLS THE JURA TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER People who have experienced the swiss Jura understand its unique fascination. Nowadays, the word “Jura” is often used to refer to the entire region surrounding the Jura mountain chain. Once a peripheral region, over the centuries it has cultivated a tradition of craftsmanship. Thus it is no surprise that many leading suppliers of precision technologies and products from Switzerland make their home there today. Many of them turn to MOTOREX for their lubricant needs. Because of the Jura’s relative isolation, the farmers who lived there were accustomed to doing everything themselves – making their own weapons, doing their own plumbing and locksmith work, etc. In this way they accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge and practical skill. As a result, the watchmaking industry in particular gradually took shape in the area around Neuchâtel in the 17th century. The inhabitants of the region may not have invented the art of watchmaking, but it certainly found fertile soil there. In particular, two groups of craftsmen contributed to its development: the locksmiths and the goldsmiths. Over time they increasingly not only repaired and upgraded clocks and watches, but also built their own. Eventually the watch industry itself arose, flourishing to the point that, in the early 20th century, more than half of all watches sold worldwide came from the Jura. SKILL BUILDS ON ITSELF Today, the “Arc Jurassien Suisse” has become an industrially driven and extremely well developed technology center, distinguished by its wide range of highly skilled workers and specialized education system. Working close- 18

Picture: Picture: ELECTRO TECHNOLOGY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Innovative machining fluids are the key to masterful achievements: inspecting the fluid technology has become part of the factory routine. ly with the precision industries (metalworking, mechanical engineering, micromechanics and microtechnology, medical devices and watchmaking), MOTOREX has been a reliable lubrication partner for many years. Often taking on a “secret ingredient” role, MOTOREX’s areas of expertise include such key areas as • consulting on all processes involving machining fluids • synergy projects, i.e. joint development projects • the “Easy Tank” customer-focused just-in-time logistics solution • technical seminars and advanced training at MOTOREX • expert technical customer service, including on-site service operating fluids contribute to a production process, continuous dialog with MOTOREX is a key to long-term success. MOTOREX has a long tradition of knowledge sharing that is testimony to many distinguished customers’ trust in the brand. Another strong selling point is the highly trained team of chemists and engineers which is ready to get straight to the root of any lubricant technology application using its state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure. “MOTOREX is a dedicated lubrication partner to the precision industry in the Jura.” SUCCESS THROUGH SHARING Whether it’s a new application, improvements in an existing process, enhanced performance or optimization of a diverse product range, wherever machining and There can be no doubt that MOTOREX, with its various cooperation activities and pioneering SWISSLINE products, never loses sight of the aim of bringing measurable benefits to customers. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 107 I APRIL 2016 19



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