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MOTOR OIL CLASSIC MOTOREX “Many vintage vehicle owners use the wrong oil! They don’t just risk irreparable engine damage, they take oil loss for granted and pay way too much.” This is the opinion of many classic vehicle experts. This unfortunate state of affairs inspired MOTOREX to overhaul its existing range of motor oils for classic vehicles and launch a new, user-friendly and clearly-structured product family: the MOTOREX CLASSIC LINE. WHY HAVE SPECIAL LUBRICANTS? There is no such thing as an all-purpose oil for classic vehicles. Different formulations are needed to cover their individual lubrication requirements. However, these formulations all have one thing in common: they are mineral oils with a low additive content, tailored to the engine designs of the relevant era and the materials used to make them, and suitable for relatively short change intervals. Another important criterion for choosing the appropriate motor oil is the technical condition of the engine (original condition with patina or overhauled engine). THREE DIFFERENT LUBRICATION METHODS A wide variety of engine technologies has been developed and brought to market. They have been revised, improved and then replaced by more modern versions. There are essentially three lubrication methods, each of which places different demands on the motor oil: A ENGINES WITH NO FORCE-FEED LUBRICATION (1900 – 1930) These engines need a lubricant that forms an oil mist. The mist supplies all lubrication points that oil splash lubrication cannot reach. In addition, the oil has to adhere to the lubrication point to ensure emergency lubrication. This lubrication method does not use any filter systems. MOTOREX REGULAR SAE 30 and SAE 40 Mineral-oil-based monograde motor oil with minimum additives for petrol and diesel engines with oil splash and mist lubrication. Given the absence of filter systems, active cleaning agents (detergents) and substances that keep oil-insoluble solids in suspension (dispersants) are deliberately not used. 1 l, 5 l, 60 l and 200 l MOTOREX RUNNING IN SAE 30 This special running-in oil is also available in the “REGULAR” oil family. 1 l, 5 l, 60 l and 200 l 8

B ENGINES WITH FORCE-FEED LUBRICATION BUT NO FINE MESH FILTER (1930 – 1960) These engines have an integral oil pump to supply all relevant lubrication points. They are designed so that dirt and abraded particles are drawn by a magnet into a recess in the oil sump or collected in a coarse filter. This means that the motor oil must never contain any dispersants. MOTOREX SUPREME SAE 30, SAE 40 and SAE 50 Mineral-oil-based monograde motor oil, authentically formulated for petrol and diesel engines with force-feed lubrication but no fine mesh filter. Contains anti-mist additive and provides optimum wear and oxidation protection. Dispersant-free. 1 l, 5 l, 60 l and 200 l C ENGINES WITH FORCE-FEED LUBRICATION AND FINE MESH FILTER (1960 – 1970 AND 1970 – 1990) These engines have an integral oil pump to supply all relevant lubrication points. Since they also include fine mesh filter systems, a motor oil that contains detergents and dispersants is essential. This allows dirt to be dissolved, carried to the filter and deposited there. MOTOREX HEAVY DUTY SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50 and SAE 20W/50 Mineral-oil-based monograde and multigrade motor oils, authentically formulated for petrol and diesel engines and 2-stroke diesel engines with force-feed lubrication and fine mesh filters. Particularly suitable for engines with elevated operating temperatures and heavy loading. Contains anti-mist additive and provides optimum wear and oxidation protection. (1960 – 1970). 1 l, 5 l, 60 l and 200 l MOTOREX ADVANTEC SAE 10W/30, SAE 15W/40, SAE 20W/50 and SAE 50 High-performance monograde and multigrade motor oils based on selected paraffinic base oils, authentically formulated for petrol and diesel engines and 2-stroke diesel engines with force-feed lubrication and fine mesh filters. Increased zinc content guarantees very high wear protection. Ideal for engines from the USA, historical racing engines and engines with OHC/OHV valve control. (1970 – 1990). 1 l, 5 l, 60 l and 200 l MOTOREX. THE SAME TODAY AS YESTERDAY. Lubrication technology requirements have changed greatly over the last 100 years. With MOTOREX actively helping to drive forward every development since 1917, the comprehensive CLASSIC LINE makes a significant contribution to preserving our motoring heritage. The new MOTOREX CLASSIC LINE motor oils will be available in the summer. Your MOTOREX partner and the Technical Customer Service will be happy to provide further information. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 104 I APRIL 2015 9



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