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WHAT’S NEW A GLEAMING NEW LOOK FOR THE MOTOREX BIKE LINE Those who know cycling know how attached cyclists can get to their bikes. To make sure riding stays fun, MOTOREX is continuously working to improve its BIKE LINE products. This includes updating the packaging and instructions for lubricants and care products. Every major supplier’s cycling product range is awash with new materials and new technologies. Close collaboration with international racing teams and leading companies in the bicycle industry have made the updated BIKE LINE what it is today: the most comprehensive assortment of lubricants and care products for every type of bicycle. Easy to use, extremely effective and exceptionally kind to the environment. EASY CLEAN Biodegradable chain degreaser. Cleans greasy and oily drive components very effectively. 500 ml spray, 5 l and 25 l fluid BIKE CLEAN Biodegradable, solvent-free complete bike cleaner. This extremely effective cleaner dissolves and removes the heaviest dirt in the blink of an eye. 500 ml pump spray, 5 l and 25 l fluid BIKE SHINE Finishing care and protection product. Ideal for use after cleaning. Freshens colors, forms a protective barrier and gives a high gloss. 300 ml spray, 5 l and 25 l fluid 6

OPEN + CLOSE - “TWIST CLICK”- CAP Applying just the right amount of lubricant is important for many maintenance tasks. That’s why MOTOREX supplies its 100 ml bottles of BIKE LINE products with a “twist click” dispenser cap. The handy container opens easily with a quick twist of the cap, while a second twist sets the amount of product to dispense. ALWAYS THE RIGHT LANGUAGE The sail label (a self-adhering label that folds to open or close in the back) has room for product information in up to 15 languages. QR CODE AIDS APPLICATION Customers can use their smartphone to read the printed QR codes and view additional product information and tips for proper application. For more information contact your MOTOREX partner or visit • WHITE GREASE Lithium-based white lubricant grease especially for bicycles, for wheel, crankset and roller bearings. Provides effective protection against wear, seals and lowers frictional resistance. 100 g brush can and 850 g can BIKE GREASE 2000 Universal calcium-based long-life grease for bicycles, for many types of moving parts (joints, hubs, headset, etc.) and bearings. 100 g brush can and 850 g can CARBON PASTE Special assembly paste for carbon and aluminum parts. Protects against contact corrosion and prevents parts seizures. 100 g brush can and 850 g can HYDRAULIC FLUID 75 Special fluid for mineral oil-based hydraulic bicycle brake systems. High resistance to aging and ideal low- and high-temperature viscosity. 100 ml and 1 l DRY POWER Biodegradable wax-containing chain lubricant for mostly dry operating conditions. Quickly penetrates the chain and forms a homogeneous surface to lubricate and protect it. 56 ml and 300 ml spray, 100 ml and 5 l fluid WET PROTECT Biodegradable chain lubricant for mostly wet operating conditions. Lubricates and protects even interior portions of the chain. Highly water-repellent. 56 ml and 300 ml spray, 100 ml and 5 l fluid CITY LUBE Universal chain lubricant for city and e-bikes. Rapidly penetrates the chain and adheres perfectly. Provides lasting chain lubrication and protection. 56 ml and 300 ml spray, 100 ml fluid MOTOREX MAGAZINE 104 I APRIL 2015 7



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