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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS AGRICULTURAL TECH­ NOLOGY WOMEN’S DAYS AT MOTOREX MOTOREX has been a dependable partner to family firms and SMEs in Switzerland for many years. At its Agricultural Technology Women’s Days, MOTOREX for once gave its full attention to the women working in these organizations. Two very well attended events, one each in German and French, were held at MOTOREX in Langenthal at the beginning of March. The diverse program began with a plant tour and talk on lubricant technology with reference to agricultural technology. Participants especially enjoyed the workshops and tips on how to deal with common workday challenges. The highlight of the event was a talk by Béatrice Lüthi, CEO of Lüthi Elevators Lindenholz, on “Women and Technology”. Thank you to everyone who attended the first “womenonly” event in the history of MOTOREX! FOR NATURE LOVERS AND ROAD TRIPPERS Every year, the season opening of the 48-kilometer Grossglockner High Alpine Road connecting Austria’s federal states of Salzburg and Carinthia is a challenge for equipment and operator alike. With a crew of 15 and an impressive array of machinery and equipment, Peter Embacher is head of road maintenance. The high point of the season is the springtime snow clearance by five big snow blowers – four of them 50 – 60 years old. For the entire fleet, from generators to monster snow blowers, the seasoned staff of Grossglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG depend on heavyduty lubricants from MOTOREX. Much to the delight of the over 900,000 road users who take the scenic High Alpine Road to the Hohe Tauern National Park each year. Peter Embacher of Grossglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG. Picture: – W. Cibura MOTOREX GREASE 5300 WITH SOLID LUBRICANT MOTOREX GREASE 5300 is a special high-performance synthetic lubricant grease containing white solid lubricant (PTFE = Teflon®). It is perfect for a wide range of slowrotating bearings that are subjected to heavy loads and exposed to the elements and fluctuating temperatures. Examples include cableway roller assembly bogies and construction equipment. GREASE 5300 effectively prevents excess wear, even at low temperatures and under extremely high bearing pressures. MOTOREX GREASE 5300 is also suitable for oscillating slide bearings and meets the KPF2 K-30 specifications under DIN 51502. 4

Picture: oneinchpunch - JASO MA2 FOR TOP SPEED 4T High-displacement, high-torque motorcycle engines generally transfer power through a multi-plate clutch in an oil bath. The motor oil in these high-performance engines also supplies the transmission and clutch assembly. To keep clutch engagement smooth and shifting precise in every situation, MOTOREX introduces its improved MOTOREX TOP SPEED 4T four-stroke motor oil with JASO MA2 certification. The motor oil is currently available in four viscosities (SAE 5W/40, 10W/30, 10W/40 and 15W/50), covering the full performance spectrum for engines with an oil-bath clutch. All lubricants are available just in time for the start of the season and meet leading manufacturers’ strict specifications. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTOREX DEUTSCHLAND AG Under the leadership of site manager Stefan Remhof, MOTOREX Deutschland AG kicked off the new year with an anniversary celebration. On January 1, 2010, just over five years ago, a dedicated sales office for industrial customers opened its doors in Germany. Since then, MOTOREX Deutschland AG, based in Schriesheim near Heidelberg, has proven invaluable as a sales, logistics and technical support hub and on-the-spot presence in Germany. Additional lines of contact have been opened up with high-profile industrial partners, and the broad MOTOREX SWISSLINE assortment of industrial lubricants has found many eager new users. Happy birthday! MOTOREX RACING 2015 The 2015 racing season once again promises many outstanding performances from MOTOREX racers around the world. Visit for an impressive list of the teams and drivers who will be battling for fame and honor this season for MOTOREX. You’ll also find interviews with top stars and information on the most important categories. Have a look and catch the fever! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 104 I APRIL 2015 5



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