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PRACTICE The MOTOREX-TOPTECH– developed tank vacuum efficiently cleans contaminated fuel tanks. When combined with heat, free water in diesel fuel or heating oil provides the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and yeasts. MOTOREX offers two highly efficient ways to combat the problem. FIGHTING DIESEL FUNGUS Water, as we know, is the source of life. And that goes as much for microorganisms in a contaminated fuel tank as it does for us. Condensation, refueling and the up to 5 % biodiesel added to fossil diesel fuel means that every fuel tank contains some amount of water. If the concentration of water exceeds 60 parts per million (ppm) the fuel becomes especially susceptible to contamination. This concentration is often found in the tanks of equipment that is only infrequently used and exposed to large temperature fluctuations (stationary engines, fire trucks, boats, etc.). Biologists blame the extremely resistant fungus Hormoconis resinae, otherwise normally at home among coniferous trees. In fuel tanks it forms sludge and causes corrosion. Picture: CLOGGED FILTERS By clogging filters and causing engine failure, the problem usually comes to light at the worst possible time. But changing the filter and draining and refilling the tank is not enough to get rid of the stubborn fungus. MOTOREX to the rescue! When the diagnosis is diesel fungus, the prescription calls for these three measures: 1. If the tank is easily accessible, simply use the MOTOREX tank vacuum to suck the diesel fungus/sludge out of the full tank. 2. Replace or clean filters; flush fuel lines if necessary 3. Shock treatment using MOTOREX GROTAMAR 82 (diluted 1:1000) MOTOREX GROTAMAR 82 MOTOREX GROTAMAR 82 is a special, highly effective additive (biocide) that stops bacteria and fungi in diesel fuel and heating oil. It is ideal for cleaning contaminated tanks and fuel systems and for the economical longterm protection of infrequently operated equipment. • Decisive action is essential when microorganisms attack a fuel system. Do you have any questions? Your MOTOREX partner will be glad to assist. 20

RACING Tony Cairoli, KTM Red Bull Factory Team Ryan Villopoto, Kawasaki Racing Team Tom Lüthi, Moto2-Team Dominique Aegerter, Moto2-Team 3-2-1 BATTLE This motorcycle racing season is guaranteed to be exciting right from the word go. First, eight-time MXGP champion Tony Cairoli will face multiple US Supercross winner Ryan Villopoto for the title. Next, Swiss Moto2 riders Tom Lüthi and Dominique Aegerter will race each other on the same team. What all four have in common is a thirst for victory and MOTOREX as lubricant partner. DUEL OF THE MOTOCROSS STARS The MXGP season has thrills aplenty in store. Italy’s eight-time world champion Tony Cairoli (28) of the KTM Red Bull Factory Team will take to the starting line alongside the no less successful American Ryan Villopoto (26) of the Energy Kawasaki Racing Team. After most recently capturing the Monster Energy FIM Supercross title four times in a row, Villopoto, who has so far ridden Kawasaki his entire pro career, now takes on the challenge of competing in the world’s greatest motocross championship. His goal: to win the first MXGP world championship for Kawasaki. The contest not only pits Japan (Kawasaki) against Europe (KTM), but also energy drink maker Monster Energy against Red Bull. After three races so far (Qatar, Thailand and Argentina), the great duel appears to be well under way. The MXGP championship consists of 18 rounds on four different continents and will be broadcast worldwide. best road motorcyclists in the world today. Lüthi earned fourth place in the world championship rankings at the final race of the 2014 season in Valencia, Spain, with a 22-point lead over his countryman Dominique Aegerter. Last March 29, in the desert nation of Qatar, the duo competed in their first race as teammates on their new Kalex bikes. Lüthi hopes switching to the Derendinger-Interwetten team will bring him a new boost in 2015. On a new bike and in a new Team, it will not be easy to stay in the running for the world championship. In the total of championship 18 races, he will do battle not only with his familiar rivals, but also very likely with the talented Dominique Aegerter. MOTOREX ON BOARD We can look forward to an action-packed season filled with many a fierce duel. The season has started out well for all four top riders, thanks not least to support from the MOTOREX factory. May the best man win! • LÜTHI WITH AND VS. AEGERTER Beyond a doubt, Swiss Moto2 racers Tom Lüthi (28) and Dominique Aegerter (24), both from Bern, are two of the For more information on the races visit: MOTOREX MAGAZINE 104 I APRIL 2015 21



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