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INDUSTRY SUCCESS STORY CMS-GmbH Before – and after: CMS-GmbH injects new life into CHIRON and STAMA machine tools with overhauls and customertailored upgrades. The customer and the environment are both winners. SECOND SPRING FOR USED MACHINE TOOLS There’s no overlooking the fact that CMS-GmbH’s business model has been flourishing since the company was founded 15 years ago. A CHIRON Group company, CMS supplies quality refurbished CHIRON and STAMA machining centers to new and existing customers worldwide. Because quality is key, CMS uses MOTOREX industrial lubricants throughout. Finding good used machine tools is not easy. “Used machines are certainly most valuable to their own manufacturer”, explains Rui Böninger, General Manager of CMS-GmbH in Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany. “After all the manufacturer knows the product best, and as OEM they can work on them one step at a time until they’re like new. Our core business is exactly that.” CHIRON and STAMA machines are known for top quality. Still, depending on workload and maintenance, even the best machine tool sooner or later reaches the end of its working life. OLD IS NEW AGAIN Used machines make their way to CMS-GmbH from all over the world. The company’s staff of 40 are specially trained in the specific brands. Following an inspection, each machine is cleaned and disassembled. Next, in a carefully prescribed sequence, the machining center is refitted step by step with original mechanical, electrical and optical parts until it’s as good as new or better. Better means new owners can have their machines upgraded for their own needs by retrofitting, say, a faster control system, a pick-and-place robot or even two spindle units instead of one. MANY ADVANTAGES The fact that CMS-GmbH is able to professionally refurbish used CHIRON and STAMA machines is due to their solid, high-grade engineering. That makes used machines a good entry-level choice for the CHIRON-STAMA class 18

Three CHIRON FZ machines at the plant as received (left), partially refurbished (middle) and finished (right). CMS knows its machines from top to bottom and knows exactly which components need to be overhauled during refurbishing. Whether it’s new cabling or replacing the whole control system with a faster one, CMS is ready to meet the customer’s every wish. All axes are measured and calibrated to factory specifications. After just 8 weeks, this machining center gleams like new, and specific retrofits have improved its performance. and often a highly valued option – especially since the delivery time for refurbished machines is considerably shorter and they cost only about 60 % as much as new ones. CMS customers enjoy the same service and support as those buying new machines from the CHIRON Group. CMS also offers short-term leasing of new and used machines for customers who need additional production capacity or have gaps to fill while equipment is being installed or overhauled. COMMISSIONING WITH MOTOREX Every machine that CMS refurbishes is calibrated to the applicable standards (OEM and DIN), tested and documented before commissioning. Machining quality is demonstrated on a standard NAS piece and, on request, on a customer workpiece as well. CMS also has plenty of experience when it comes to operating and machining fluids. “When a machining center comes in, you can see and smell right away whether the right fluids were used to operate and maintain it”, says Arno Schröder as he works on the commissioning of a CHIRON FZ18 S. “MOTOREX offers just the right product for each of our machines from one source. They even worked with us to develop a product portfolio and improved maintenance packages.” Like the CHIRON parent company, CMS-GmbH also uses the following MOTOREX SWISSLINE products: • SWISSCUT cutting oils • SWISSCOOL cooling lubricants • SPINDLE LINE spindle products • Gear and slideway oils • Hydraulic fluids • Technical greases • Cleaners EFFICIENT LOGISTICS CMS’ efficient logistics are a key success factor in its professional overhauling and modernization of used machines. Just two days after commissioning and acceptance, the CHIRON FZ18 S mentioned in the article is packed and ready to ship to the customer in Austria. The customer has already ordered two drums of SWISSCOOL 7722 cooling lubricant from its local MOTOREX partner to refill the machine. That way, this machine’s “second spring” is a guaranteed success. • CMS-GmbH, D-78579 Neuhausen ob Eck MOTOREX MAGAZINE 104 I APRIL 2015 19



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