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INSIDE By using

INSIDE By using sophisticated logistics, MOTOREX guarantees high delivery capacity in Europe and throughout the world from its production site in Langenthal and its logistics centers in Germany, Austria and Sweden. STRATEGIC EXPORT LOGISTICS Customer focus and service are key criteria these days when a company wants to makes its products stand out from the competition. That’s why MOTOREX has developed a brilliantly efficient logistics strategy which is geared to country-specific needs. The benefits: fast, dependable logistical services at optimized cost. The MOTOREX product range encompasses over 7000 articles made in Switzerland. These are currently available in over 80 export markets worldwide. By share, the European Union member countries are among the most significant. That’s why the MOTOREX logistics strategy is structured by levels: distribution level 1 is Switzerland, 2 the European Union and 3 the world. All MOTOREX subsidiaries and distributors (importers) are fully integrated into the processes and make shared use of synergies such as those offered by the central warehouse in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany and the warehouse in Karlsham, Sweden. LIKE A WELL-OILED MACHINE, ALL THE WAY TO THE CUSTOMER MOTOREX currently has two high-capacity warehouses for intra-Community goods traffic in Europe. The central warehouse in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany has a capacity of several thousand pallets, is supplied daily from Switzerland and generally provides 48-hour delivery in the level 2 zone. Whether a shipment consists of a 1000-liter container or a carton of 1-liter bottles, all processes are traceable and IT-supported. The warehouse in Karlsham, Sweden supplies all of Scandinavia. Delivery times in these countries are generally between 48 and 14

The MOTOREX central warehouse at Freiburg im Breisgau in southern Germany, shown here, is a central logistics hub for Europe. On request, MOTOREX will pump lubricants directly from tanker trucks to customer tanks in Switzerland and Austria. In Austria there is a separate warehouse near Salzburg for tanker truck deliveries. MOTOREX headquarters, Langenthal MOTOREX Germany, Schriesheim near Heidelberg MOTOREX NORDIC AB Sweden, Göteborg MOTOREX Austria, Hallein MOTOREX central warehouse, Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau MOTOREX warehouse, Sweden, Karlsham MOTOREX warehouse, Austria, Bergheim near Salzburg 72 hours. Obviously, larger quantities can also be delivered within a reason able time, such as supplies for a construction site or by courier to a racing event. MOTOREX offers customers a sophisticated logistics strategy with benefits such as • optimum delivery capacity for a comprehensive product range • rapid response times and quick delivery throughout Europe • easy intra-Community clearance since the goods are already on EU territory • no customs barriers • enhanced cost efficiency and consignment notes. Centralized logistics and the resulting savings in administrative costs are one more selling point for MOTOREX customers. Do you have any questions or concerns about logistics? Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to help. • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE On request, lubricants and fluids can also be delivered directly to manufacturing plants, for example for factory filling trucks or municipal and snow grooming equipment. MOTOREX distributors support their customers from A to Z, handling all additional administrative work such as calculating VAT or preparing shipping orders View of the DFDS Logistics warehouse in Karlsham, Sweden: deliveries leave here for all of Scandinavia, as far as the polar circle. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 104 I APRIL 2015 15



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