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WHAT’S NEW REFILL IT! MOTOREX MINI SPRAYS Spray like the big boys: Take compact, refillable MINI SPRAYS with you and use them anywhere – The perfect addition to the MOTOREX spray range. MOTOREX developed its versatile Hi-Tech sprays for daily professional use. If you just need a little, but it has to be handy at all times, the new MINI SPRAYS are just the thing. MOTOREX REFILL SYSTEM The idea for MINI SPRAYS, which can be refilled as often as users want, stems from the fact that large (500 ml) spray cans are not always convenient to use. Each MINI SPRAY kit consists of three empty 50-ml spray cans. Each can has a base label, and the package contains a sheet of self-adhesive labels for the most commonly used sprays from the Hi-Tech range. Now any user can put together a personalized set of the sprays they use most often. Just choose the right label from the sheet and apply it to the space intended for it on the MINI SPRAY. The refillable MINIS are filled straight from the large standard spray can, which functions as a dispenser. Just place the empty MINI SPRAY on a firm, level surface, remove the spray nozzles from both cans, shake the dispenser (see page 7) and fill the small spray. ALWAYS AT HAND Many users told MOTOREX how inconvenient it can be to carry a large spray can while assembling equipment 6

FILL UP IN A JIFFY Create your own practical MINI SPRAYS in just a few steps. 1 Take an empty can from the MOTOREX MINI SPRAY package. 2 Choose the product you want and apply the appropriate label to the MINI SPRAY. 3 Remove the lids and spray nozzles. 4 Shake the large original spray can. 5 Place the empty MINI SPRAY on a firm, level surface and fill it for 30 seconds. 6 Attach the spray nozzle and lid and you’re done! or working in cramped spaces. The company responded by introducing a REFILL SYSTEM for its nine most popular Hi-Tech sprays. produced at our own production facilities. This approach enables MOTOREX to offer the right spray for every application. 100 % SWISS MADE BY MOTOREX All MOTOREX sprays are developed in Langenthal, tested in professional real-world practice and then Try refillable MINI SPRAYS now! Your MOTOREX partner can provide more information. • Handy in any situation. Takes up very little space. Extremely versatile. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 103 I DECEMBER 2014 7



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