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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS LUBRICANTS LUBRICANTS LUBRICANTS LUBRICANTS BEST BEST BEST BEST BRAND 2014 2014 2014 2014 MOTOREX: BEST BRAND FOR THE 4 TH TIME For the fourth time, readers of Swiss motoring magazine “Auto Illustrierte” have voted MOTOREX best brand in the lubricants category. For MOTOREX, this fourth victory in a row validates our years of constant work to bring our customers the best possible value and service. Thank you for choosing us! KICKOFF FOR TWO NEW CAR LINE PRODUCTS MOTOREX has launched CONCEPT X-C2 SAE 0W/30, a new motor oil with the current B71 2312 PSA approval for Peugeot and Citroën auto pros. The new product is a fully synthetic super-low-lubricity oil for gasoline and diesel engines with the latest exhaust gas post-treatment systems. High-quality base fluids in combination with special additives guarantee effective protection against wear and outstanding fuel economy and emissions values. SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 holds the latest Mercedes-Benz approval 229.52. The oil was developed especially for the Daimler Group’s current generation of BlueTEC diesel engines with SCR exhaust gas post-treatment, designed for Euro 6. In addition, SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 is backwards-compatible with all gasoline and diesel engines requiring 229.31 or 229.51 approvals. Picture: Belalp-Tourismus SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 ACEA C3, API SN, MB-Approval 229.52, VW 502 00/505 01, BMW LL-04, GM DEXOS-2, Safety + Performance: FIAT 9.55535-S3 CONCEPT X-C2 SAE 0W/30 ACEA C2, PSA B71 2312 Safety + Performance: FIAT 9.55535-DS1/GS1 CABLEWAY NEWS: MOTOREX ALPINE CSF-GREASE MOTOREX ALPINE CSF-GREASE is a product that has been specifically designed for lubricating the sliding parts (cable saddles, roller chains, chain saddles, etc.) of cableways. The CSF suffix stands for “cable semifluid”, meaning that the product’s low viscosity enables it to reach all of the surfaces to be lubricated and leave a stable, solid-like lubricant film once the solvent portion has evaporated. This effectively prevents stick-slip jolting. High-performance extreme pressure (EP) additives also reduce wear and ensure a more comfortable ride in extended use. IBEX AND MOTOREX CLIMB TOGETHER TerraTec Maschinenbau GmbH, a young company based in Schruns in the Austrian state of the mowers set a new, never before signed down to the smallest detail, Vorarlberg, named its fully hydraulic motorized mowers IBEX 14 and 28 after the Alpine ing and innovative technical solu- attained standard in their engineer- ibex, a type of wild goat. Meticulously de- tions. When the time came to fill the hydraulic system at the factory and choose lubricants, TerraTec turned to MOTOREX. Three separate axial piston pumps use MOTOREX COREX HV 46 hydraulic fluid to transmit the power of the 14- or 28-horsepower engine to the wheels. Series production has begun, and nothing now stands in the way of the TerraTec Ibex’s spread throughout the Alpine countries. 4

GREEN OIL FOR ÖKOTAXI VIENNA Milan Milić and his team at Ökotaxi operate a fleet of “green” cabs in Vienna and southern Lower Austria made up entirely of Toyota hybrids. His motto: “With green taxis, anyone can do something for the environment.” The Prius taxis have met the Euro 5 standard, which has since become mandatory for all new taxis in Austria, from the day they were purchased. The Toyotas’ reliable technology and sharply reduced fuel consumption make up for their higher initial purchase price. Low-lubricity MOTOREX CONCEPT J-XL SAE 5W/20 motor oil yields additional savings in all 200 eco-taxis. Special additives improve the coefficient of friction, further reducing fuel consumption while still reliably protecting against wear. All this makes the “green” oil from MOTOREX a perfect match for Ökotaxi’s timely philosophy. Picture: Ökotaxi Wien OPEN HOUSE AT MASKINTILLBEHÖR Maskintillbehör, a company based near the city of Grums in northeastern Sweden, recently held a practiceoriented open house together with MOTOREX and other well-known international brands. Over 200 interested visitors gathered at a carefully prepared site near the company for a demonstration of forestry and construction equipment. Guests experienced a number of technical masterpieces in real-life use in 100% authentic working conditions. People who work outdoors know how important it is to have reliable equipment. Maskintillbehör sells, repairs and maintains an impressively broad range of products, from pneumatic demolition hammers to tracked excavators. The Maskintillbehör team is particularly excited that they can use MOTOREX products for all lubrication-related tasks both in-house and at the customer’s premises. PERFECT PROTECTION DUCATI TEACHES RACING Ducati does a lot for its customers. Not only do they get the chance to test the latest models and take part in brand championships, they can also attend the company’s own racing school, where they take to the racetrack on models such as the Ducati 1199 Panigale under the eye of experienced instructors. Through its partnership with Ducati Switzerland, MOTOREX is involved in the Swiss Ducati Riding School as the technical partner responsible for lubrication and care of the racing bikes. Hess Moto in Ostermundigen near Bern maintains the cycles as well as providing organizational and logistical services for Ducati’s activities in Switzerland, including the Swiss Ducati Challenge. For more information see Picutre: Honda Motor Europe Ltd. The popular long-term corrosion protection product FLUID 466 is now available in cans. MOTOREX’s new and handy SPRAY 466 forms a durable, nonslip, waxy and salt water-resistant protective film that is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is perfect for corrosion-proofing semifinished and finished products for outside and inside storage, for marine transport, winter service vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery and for corrosion-proofing cavities in the vehicle industry. Try it today! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 103 I DECEMBER 2014 5

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