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NORDIC When a machine is

NORDIC When a machine is needed to do a job for the public, Svenningsens always has the right solution. In Sweden the market leader is a successful user of MOTOREX products. Svenningsens attracts customers with a broad range of vehicles and equipment and innovative solutions year-round. THE 4-SEASONS SPECIALIST When blacksmith Andreas Svenningsen began shoeing horses at his newly founded smithy in Tømmerup on the Danish island of Amager near Copenhagen, he could hardly have suspected that he was laying the cornerstone of a family business that would continue for five generations. THE EXTREMELY VERSATILE SVENNINGSENS Operating as an importer, exclusive distributor, dealer, spare parts supplier or service shop, Svenningsens covers all aspects of professional equipment operation with an impressively broad portfolio of products from renowned machine manufacturers. Markets served include agriculture and road, park, sports field, golf course and garden maintenance. All this makes Svenningsens the total maintenance equipment supplier for all seasons. With locations throughout Scandinavia since 1999, the company is known for its astonishing versatility. IN SWEDEN TOO Svenningsens Maskin AB has five locations in Sweden alone, including one in the greater Göteborg area. Together with vehicle and machinery sales, the effective Svenningsens business model encompasses a wide range of services. Working with MOTOREX has enabled the company to simplify and efficiently professionalize its lubricant and fluid supply systems. • SVENNINGSENS FACTS AND FIGURES Parent company Headquarters Established Employees Territory served Sweden Sales Svenningsens Maskinforretning AS Kastrup, near Copenhagen, Denmark 1861 Approx. 150 All of Scandinavia Svenningsens Maskin AB, based in Göteborg 350 million Swedish krona New machines are prepared for delivery and mechanical work is performed at the Svenningsens shop in Göteborg. 20

PORTRAIT The entire Matik team completed a comprehensive training program and toured the production facilities at MOTOREX headquarters in Langenthal. MATIK WITH MOTOREX Vienna-based Matik Handels GmbH, a successful truck parts dealer, is boosting its professionalism in the lubricants sector by focusing on a single supplier. MOTOREX has everything you expect from an experienced lubrication specialist. With seven branches throughout Austria, Matik Handels GmbH is one of the country’s leading suppliers of truck parts. The company was founded in Vienna in 1969 as a distributor for Beral brake pads and has continuously grown and developed ever since. Matik has been part of the Swiss Automotive Group since 2012. By taking advantage of synergies within the corporate group, Matik Handels GmbH is firmly established on the market, and the business is doing well. The company carries products from over 40 leading vendors and OEMs. PERFECTLY PREPARED Advice is a key component of every Matik and MOTOREX product. That’s why staff from the new distributor for Austria recently received comprehensive training at MOTOREX headquarters in Langenthal. Ten Matik team members were also trained as MOTOREX lubricant specialists so they can quickly and competently answer any questions about lubricant technology. The Matik team’s strong interest in obtaining a thorough knowledge of the truck product range is testimony to their high degree of professionalism. WELCOME SPECIALIZATION The need for ever more specialized, better-performing lubricants is growing steadily. Expertise in the field has never been in greater demand. For over 95 years, MOTOREX has made a name for itself as a pioneering supplier and dependable partner to customers of every size from a wide range of industries – trucking among them. A comprehensive range of products, many developed in close collaboration with vehicle and engine manufacturers, is testimony, giving the MOTOREX brand a high degree of familiarity and worldwide recognition for top quality. For questions about MOTOREX products for trucks, get in touch with your local MOTOREX partner. • Matik currently has seven branches throughout Austria. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 103 I DECEMBER 2014 21

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