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INDUSTRY SUCCESS STORY T&S MACHINE SHOP Mission accomplished: MOTOREX has made a true believer of contract manufacturer T & S Machine with the soft-water (SW) version of its SWISSCOOL MAGNUM UX 200 cooling lubricant. MAGNUM UX 200 SW: “NEVER STOP SELLING IT!” No customer could pay a finer compliment than the words in the title. Mike Tullos is President of T & S Machine Shop in Brandon, Mississippi. Since discovering MOTOREX MAGNUM UX 200 SW, specially formulated for soft water, he swears by the emulsion from Switzerland. T & S Machine was founded in 1981 by George J. Tullos. As President, Michael D. Tullos now holds the fate of the company and its 22 well-trained employees in his hands. Over 30 years of experience give T & S Machine Inc. the invaluable know-how needed to to tackle even the most demanding machining processes. The company does a wide variety of work, from small batches to large-scale mass production. Its key markets include aviation, mechanical engineering and medical technology. NO TIME FOR PROBLEMS Time per workpiece is a key factor, and not just for contract manufacturers. That’s why process reliability – meaning no work stoppages – is so crucial. T & S Machine Inc. searched far and wide for a universal cooling lubricant suitable for aluminum, steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals like copper and brass. The company tried five emulsions in all, but none of them quite came up to standard. Problems like sticking, foaming and odors proved impossible to eliminate satisfactorily even with measures specifically designed to address them. THE STICKING POINT: SOFT WATER Working with the soft water found in certain regions of the United States requires a cooling lubricant specially designed for the lack of calcium and other minerals in the water. Let’s take a closer look at the problem. The oil 18

President Mike Tullos (photo) personally checked with the MOTOREX importer that he can keep getting his success formula, MAGNUM UX 200 SW. T & S Machine employs an extremely wide range of machines. MOTOREX SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X is used for all operations with cutting oil on its automatic lathes. Staff at the plant appreciate MAGNUM UX 200 SW’s excellent machining results, high stability and especially its gentle composition. Above all, the high process reliability that the extremely stable emulsion provides is guaranteed to pay off. in a water-miscible emulsion is kept in suspension by soaplike substances known as emulsifiers. As we all know, soaps have a tendency to foam up – not a desirable characteristic in a cooling lubricant. Emulsifiers combine with the substances like calcium and minerals that make water “hard” to form microscopic lime soaps. In precisely calibrated concentrations, these inhibit foaming. Because calcium and minerals are absent in very soft water, MOTOREX developed MAGNUM UX 200 SW (SW for “soft water”) by formulating an innovative set of additives for the existing MAGNUM UX 200. The new product guarantees an emulsion that is perfect for very soft water and doesn’t foam. MOTOREX MAGNUM 200 SW T & S Machine has been successfully using ORTHO NF-X cutting oil from MOTOREX’s SWISSLINE importer in the United States, Euroline ( for quite some time. When T & S Machine turned to Euroline after machine manufacturers’ recommended emulsions proved unsatisfactory, MAGNUM UX 200 SW met every challenge with aplomb. The product is an extremely high-performance, all-purpose water-miscible cooling lubricant. Its exceptional stability and outstanding wetability make it a highly effective coolant and lubricant. T & S Machine applies MAGNUM UX 200 SW at a concentration of 6 % of the SW additive mix developed specially for soft water. Using this dosage, T & S achieves excellent results in all operations. Although more than a year has passed since T & S Machine first filled its systems with MAGNUM UX 200 SW, regular checks, circulation, filtration and occasional topups have sufficed to ensure the long-term stability that Mike Tullos demands. So the answer to whether his MAGNUM cooling lubricant will still be available in the future is a definite yes. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 103 I DECEMBER 2014 19



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