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EXPORT 750 VEHICLES The 5th Karl Gustav Motorfest & Byafest is over — alas for the many attendees who enjoyed the beautiful August weather in Halland in southwestern Sweden. Over 4000 motor enthusiasts found their way to Karl Gustav in vehicles of every description. MOTOREX NORDIC AB was there too and is sharing a few snapshots with us on these pages. And there‘s more good news — the organizers are already planning for 2015! 14

AND 1 HORSE At over 4000 visitors, attendance at the homey Motorfest & Byafest in Karl Gustav was up by a good 1000 people this year. They came in over 750 antique vehicles. Whether it’s a tractor, fire engine, piece of construction equipment, car, motorcycle or scooter makes no difference; all that matters is that it has an engine and makes a good gearhead conversation piece. This year, one participant even arrived on horseback, showing once again that just taking part counts more than what you’re driving (or riding in this particular case). This great motor festival is organized each year by KG Mekaniska AB and a multitude of volunteers. Wherever there are engines, you’ll find MOTOREX. The MOTOREX team from Göteborg was there with a mobile stand, presenting the comprehensive product range to an interested audience. More than a few insider tips and pointers to the right product were exchanged during numerous conversations. The high point was a Saturday-evening invitation to the village festival being held at the same time. For a while, as the engines cooled, the focus was on good food and lively entertainment with rockabilly music and dancing. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 103 I DECEMBER 2014 15



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