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Can cars become

Can cars become characters in their own right, say in “Cobra 11” or “The Fast And The Furious”? Things always get interesting when cars take on a personality. The classics are the cars in films such as “The Blues Brothers” or “Herbie”. The classics are the cars in films such as “The Blues Brothers” or “Herbie”. The opportunities are pretty limited when we’re filming, I’m afraid, because the insurance company and producers always make sure we don’t do anything too dangerous. However, the fact that I have a racing driver’s license means I get to do my own stunts, and there was a scene in a film I did called “Hirngespinster”, where I got to ram a police car side-on in my character as a schizophrenic who’s completely lost it. That’s one of the big advantages of my job because you don’t feel the urge to do it in real life. During your career as an actor, has there been any one experience with a vehicle that has left a lasting impression? We also had a few funny moments with Rex the German shepherd dog because he always got sick every time I drove. He got completely disorientated and needed a lot 12

REPORT CONTINUED of encouragement. In the end he preferred just to sit in the back or better still not get in the car at all. If you had the choice of having a movie-legend car at home in the garage or walking down the red carpet with a diva such as Cate Blanchett on your arm, which would you go for? What I’d really like most of all is to drive the Formula 1 Ferrari from “Rush” down the red carpet safe in the knowledge that Cate Blanchett was waiting in the garage back home. Thank you very much for this interesting interview. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 103 I DECEMBER 2014 13



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