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WHAT’S NEW Wherever things are built, MOTOREX release agents and mixer protectants have a valuable role to play. MOTOREX has a state-ofthe-art product line with economical and environmentally safe products for every application. Picture: G. Seybert – SEPARATING AND PROTECTING Civil engineers, formwork technicians and concrete producers are taking on ever more ambitious challenges in making innovative architectural ideas “concrete”. Concrete release agents are their invisible helpers, playing a key role in keeping both concrete surfaces and work processes equally smooth. The broad array of chemical ingredients in today’s concrete recipes demands considerable expertise in building chemistry from the producers of release agents. THREE FOR ALL SEASONS Many years of collaboration with users and leading producers of concrete and formwork have given MOTOREX the necessary experience. Along with ideal separation properties, modern release agents also make it easier to clean formwork. The three proven VOC (volatile organic compounds/solvents)-free release agents below have demonstrated their capabilities in real-world practice with extraordinary success: MOTOREX CONFORM 5450 BIO Green, VOC-free, rapidly biodegradable release agent. Low-viscosity base oils make it economical to apply to the formwork. New additives provide excellent anticorrosive properties and rapid hardening of the concrete surface. Biodegradable characteristics make it a responsible choice for tubbing element fabrication, tunnel building and construction in protected watersheds. Also suitable as a bitumen release agent. MOTOREX CONFORM 5100 Yellow, VOC-free, medium-viscosity release agent. Developed on the basis of highly refined mineral oils. Excellent anticorrosive properties. Newly formulated additives ensure rapid air bleeding, optimized vibration and attractive, clean, flawless surfaces. Ideal for exposed concrete and for all types of formwork including unconventional shapes. A thin film of release agent sprayed onto this formwork guarantees perfect separation once the concrete is dry. MOTOREX-RELEASE-AGENT 4100 Yellow, VOC-free, medium-viscosity release agent. Very high-yield (up to 40 m 2 /l or up to 80 m 2 /l with metal 6

MOTOREX RELEASE AGENTS Ideal Very good Good CONFORM 5450 BIO CONFORM 5100 PERAFORM 5300 RELEASE AGENT 4450 BIO RELEASE AGENT 4100 RELEASE AGENT 436 BITUMEN RELEASE AGENT 4720 MOTOREX TRENNBIT SATURN 6600 BIO MIXER PROTECTION MOTOREX SATURN 6600 BIO Aluminum formwork Wooden formwork Plastic formwork Steel formwork Concrete plants/Truck mixers Installation equipment Pneumatic and steel rollers/Tools Biodegradable Air bleeding additives Anticorrosion additives VOC-free Water repellent Best release action: simplifies formwork cleaning Viscosity at 40 °C 5.9 8 14 4.6 8.3 3.1 3.1 6.8 7 Light-blue, VOC-free, biodegradable mixer protectant. The latest additives help displace water and provide a protective film that reliably protects all machine, metal and rubber parts from residues. Can be applied after rinsing or on dry surfaces. Visibly brightens colors. formwork). Good anticorrosive properties, water repellent. Produces attractive, flawless surfaces, even on exposed concrete. Suitable for all common formwork materials. Further products and applications such as concrete mixers, asphalt-finishing machines, pneumatic and steel rollers are shown in the table above. INFO FROM THE CONSTRUCTION PROS Get advice on your application from your MOTOREX partner and Technical Customer Service. All products are delivered ready-to-use in 25, 60 and 200-liter drums. • PROPER USE Proper use of release agents not only results in better surface quality, but also reduces the amount of work required and, ultimately, measurably saves money. A few practical tips: • Apply release agent as late as possible before pouring concrete • Avoid direct sunlight on formwork • Apply sparingly (1 l release agent for 50 – 80 m 2 ) • Use an appropriate sprayer (min. pressure 4 bar) with a flat-stream nozzle • Use a squeegee to remove any excess release agent from the form • Do not apply in temperatures below 5 °C CONFORM 5450 BIO is a valuable resource when operating steel rollers. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 102 I JULY 2014 7


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