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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS WELCOME TO THE ENTREPRENADEXPO! MOTOREX will be exhibiting at the Entreprenadexpo in Borgeby (Sweden) for the first time from September 25 to 27. The Entreprenadexpo is a construction industry tradeshow where the latest equipment and solutions for cost-efficient and environmentally friendly building are exhibited to pros in the field. Entreprenadexpo 2014 is all the more important as it marks MOTOREX’s debut at the fair. As the considerable interest generated at MaskinExpo showed, MOTOREX’s products, services and expertise are in high demand in the Swedish construction industry. Anyone who makes their way to Borgeby will be rewarded with an attractive and diverse show. Visit us at stand no. 412 to learn more about the latest from the world of lubrication. PÖTTINGER LISTS MOTOREX The Austrian family-run company Pöttinger is one of the leading suppliers of non-motorized agricultural equipment for forage harvesting and soil conditioning. The company, which has a history stretching back over 140 years, publishes informative operating manuals for each product. Detailed lubrication plans specify which lubricants (approved suppliers and qualities) should be used to maintain which components. By officially listing MOTOREX, Pöttinger is underscoring the company’s status as a lubricant specialist with a strong presence in agriculture. MOTOREX is one of the leading lubricant supplier in the agricultural sector and its top-quality product range for all applications embodies the same values as Pöttinger. WELL CONDITIONED AND PERFECTLY OILED Revolutionary. Uncompromising. Radical. The people who designed the KTM X-BOW ultra-light sports car had just one goal: to achieve the ultimate ride. Their mission was to build as much innovative technology as possible into the dynamic 780-kg car. Several versions of the X-BOW have been in series production since 2008. Whether it’s the perfectly calibrated 6-speed transmission with limited-slip differential, the cooling system, the braking system or the 360-hp turbocharged engine in the X-BOW-Battle version, MOTOREX supplies not only expertise, but also the perfect lubricants and fluids for each component group, both for factory filling and subsequent maintenance. 4

EMIL FREY RACING WITH GT3 BIG CAT The Emil Frey Racing Team’s 550-horsepower Jaguar GT3 is competing in the 2014 Blancpain Endurance Series with drivers Fredy Barth, Lorenz Frey and Gabriele Gardel. The racing series was brought to life three years ago as the successor to the FIA GT championship, with four threehour races culminating in the high point of the season, the 24 Hours of Spa, Belgium. Some 60 elite GT3 vehicles, currently from nine manufacturers, battle it out for points and trophies on such legendary racetracks as Monza, Silverstone, Le Castellet and the Nürburgring – the perfect hunting grounds for a big cat. MOTOREX will be providing lubricant support for the GT3 racer as it is pushed to its limits. Picture: Emil Frey Racing MOTORFEST & BYAFEST IN KARL GUSTAV The idyllic lakeside village of Karl Gustav in Halland numbers 400 inhabitants year-round. But over 3,000 motor fans are expected there on Saturday, August 16. Many will bring their own vintage vehicles and motorized eyecatchers to Karl Gustav’s picturesque Motorfest & Byafest. Last year over 750 vehicles showed up. Whether it’s a tractor, fire engine, piece of construction equipment, car, motorcycle or scooter, all that matters is that it has an engine and makes a good gearhead conversation piece. A village festival will be held at the same time, keeping visitors well-fed and entertained with music and dancing. MOTOREX NORDIC AB will be at this year’s motor festival in Karl Gustav in southern Sweden. We’re already looking forward to the event and to seeing you there at our stand! BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE: MOTOREX OILFINDER Finding the right products and filling quantities for all common passenger cars, delivery vans, motorcycles and ATVs with a few clicks… recently became possible on the MOTOREX website. Check out the link below to see if your model is listed. VLÖ VISITS MOTOREX A delegation from the Austrian Association of Agricultural Contractors VLÖ ( visited the MOTOREX plant as part of an information exchange mission in Switzerland. The visitors’ itinerary was full: along with a brief presentation on lubrication challenges in high-performance agriculture, the group got an opportunity to see for themselves how MOTOREX lubricants are produced on a plant tour. For the group photo, an impressive self-propelled Ryser MegadRyll 6000 soil conditioning and sowing machine belonging to Swiss agricultural contractor Ryser Agrotechnik ( posed alongside the participants. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 102 I JULY 2014 5



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