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BOX Pay a visit to the

BOX Pay a visit to the 600 inhabitants of the 5.5 square kilometer Channel island of Sark and you may think you’ve gone back in time because you’ll see no sign of modern motor traffic. The small island’s landscape is very diverse: spectacular cliffs, primeval forests, idyllic gardens and rustic agriculture jostle for attention in this natural paradise. The best way to get around Sark is by bicycle. At Avenue Cycle Hire, manager Steve (left) is committed to providing perfectly maintained, always-ready bicy- GOING “BIO” ON SARK cles. His bikes are thoroughly clea ned and if necessary lubricated after every ride. Steve and his assistant Stephen (right) rely on MOTOREX BIKE LINE products. “Nature is our most valuable asset on Sark,” Steve tells us during our photo shoot. “MOTOREX won us over with its performance, and particularly with its complete and rapid biodegradability.” • DID YOU KNOW … When it comes to prizes and distinctions, they don’t always go to the most deserving. That makes it all the more satisfying when one does, as was recently the case with TOP SPEED 4T motorcycle engine oil. In its April/May issue, British magazine International Dealer News (IDN) gave newly introduced MOTOREX JASO MA2-certified SAE 5W/40 viscosity TOP SPEED 4T its “Hot 100 Award”. IDN is a dealer publication that has been reporting news from the international motorcycle industry in major European markets since 1998. Congratulations and happy motoring! • OTTOREX 22

HE LEAVES NOTHING TO CHANCE BECAUSE NOBODY WINS BY CHANCE. Tom Lüthi, world-class Moto2 rider. WHY DO YOU THINK HE SWEARS BY US? When you’re riding up front and aiming to win, you can leave nothing to chance. Race-winning performance on the track is only possible when everything is right. Tom Lüthi, world-class Moto2 rider and multiple GP winner, demands the highest quality down to the tiniest detail. “The guy at the head of the pack is the guy who can – and does – ride really fast: the guy who can focus on that and only that.” Total lack of compromise – it’s something MOTOREX also stands for. And why we are precisely the right partner for Tom Lüthi. Find out more about how our oils are helping companies from a wide range of industries reap success: MOTOREX MAGAZINE 102 I JULY 2014 23

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