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PRACTICE Boring, hammering and drilling systems are exposed to severe stresses. Hammer drills can be rather expensive. Hammer drill oil has the important job of protecting this valuable piece of equipment against wear and keeping it operating smoothly in the most challenging conditions. It’s hard to even imagine building a tunnel without hammer drills. Properly maintained and operated, hammer drills can serve us well. ROTAC BIO FOR THE ROUGH WORK Picture: Sandvik/Tamrock ALWAYS LUBRICATE! Proper lubrication is the most important and affordable part of maintaining pneumatic and hydraulic mining equipment. Since the oil mist in the compressed air that operates the device is ultimately released into the environment, a rapidly biodegradable hammer drill oil is recommended. Hammer drill oil consumption can vary widely, depending on the amount of compressed air required, operating pressure setting and manufacturer’s specifications. MOTOREX ROTAC BIO High-performance, rapidly biodegradable ROTAC BIO hammer drill oil with ISO VG 100 viscosity is generally suitable for use in compressed air tools. The fully synthetic fluid mixes well with compressed air, absorbs moisture in a controlled fashion and offers ideal protection against corrosion. Special additives prevent the compressed air’s moisture content from crystallizing (freezing). The following benefits make MOTOREX ROTAC BIO a compelling choice: HAMMER DRILLS The first hammer drills were used in tunnel construction as early as 1860, and later also in mining. At one time they were purely pneumatic. Today the impact and drilling mechanism is hydraulic, but moving parts are still lubricated and cooled by hammer drill oil carried by compressed air. At the end of the process the air-oil mixture is expelled onto the movable hammer drill’s slide tracks, where it lubricates them as well. Picture: Sandvik 24.5 kW Sandvik HFX5 hammer drill clean compressed air mixed with hammer drill oil used compressed air mixed with hammer drill oil released to lubricate slide track • Outstanding corrosion and wear protection • Wide operating temperature range • Ideal pressure absorption capacity • Designed for high percussive performance • Binds and removes moisture • Optimum adhesion • Lubricates slide tracks QUALITY PAYS OFF With improper or inadequate lubrication – or worse still, none at all – hammer drills have been shown to generate extremely high temperatures in less than one minute of operation. Paying the necessary attention to the hammer drill’s lubrication system and using the right hammer drill oil can prevent the risk of costly work stoppages. Your MOTOREX partner and Technical Customer Service will be happy to advise you on all your lubrication-related questions. • 20

NORDIC Through its subsidiary MOTOREX NORDIC AB, founded in late 2011, MOTOREX is gradually expanding its activities in Sweden. Two new regional managers will join the existing Nordic team in August. There is no shortage of lubrication challenges in Sweden, and there is plenty of interest from customers in MOTOREX’s expertise. EXPANSION IN THE NORTH HAPPY TO SERVE YOU MOTOREX NORDIC is pleased to welcome two new dedicated regional managers to the team. With extensive experience in the lubrication field, they begin work on August 1. They have also completed an intensive training program and are capable of meeting the toughest lubrication challenges in partnership with the MOTOREX Technical Customer Service. We wish them both a successful start to their new careers with the MOTOREX NORDIC team! • KARL-EMIL LUNDBLAD mobile +46 722 21 20 67 26-year-old Karl-Emil Lundblad is multitalented when it comes to motorized mobility. Trained as a mechanic, his background is in utility vehicles. He began his career doing mechanical work on trucks and agricultural and construction equipment in a repair shop in the south of Sweden. Later his activities focused on engines, particularly industrial and motorcycle engines, which he improved, reprogrammed and systematically tested. Karl- Emil’s most recent job was in Ghent, Belgium, where he worked at Volvo Truck/Bus as Technical Support Engineer Aftermarket. Karl-Emil will work as Account Manager for the southern part of Sweden. JANNE PULLIAINEN mobile +46 722 21 20 46 Janne, 35, most recently worked as Technical Services Department Manager for the municipality of Mölndal, directly adjacent to Gothenburg. Janne was responsible for technical administration, maintenance and deployment of all equipment and trucks belonging to the municipality. He was trained as a truck mechanic and previously worked for many years at Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg, first as a mechanic and later as test driver, repair shop department manager and technical instructor. Janne will work as Account Manager for the western part of Sweden. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 102 I JULY 2014 21

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