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INDUSTRY SWISSCOOL MAGNUM UX 500’s universal nature makes it the ideal single machining fluid for all metal-removing machining operations. A NEW RECORD WITH THE (SWISS)COOL SOLUTION Robert Höhne Präzisionsmaschinen GmbH + Co. KG in Wagenhofen, Bavaria, produces precision individual components and complete assemblies. All metal-removing machining processes use MOTOREX SWISSCOOL MAGNUM UX 500 cooling lubricant. To keep the effects under control, first seek the cause. When water-miscible cooling lubricants are used in metalworking, there is a wide range of factors (hygiene, care, monitoring, refilling, etc.) to consider. HEAT IS THE KEY FACTOR As the term “cooling lubricant” suggests, machining fluids have two main roles, cooling and lubricating the tools and workpiece. Emulsions consist of water and cooling lubricant (at concentrations from 3% to 10%, depending on the application). Heat generated during the machining process is carried off in the cooling lubricant circuit along with the swarf. Maintaining a stable temperature is key in achieving precise machining results and making the emulsion last. Robert Höhne’s metalworking pros took the first step when they chose the location of the machine shop, which is on the cool basement level, where skylights furnish natural light but there is no exposure to the heat of direct sunlight. This is because temperature differences of just a few degrees are enough to impair the precision of any machine tool. 20 °C IS THE IDEAL TEMPERATURE The machine hall houses over a dozen state-of-the-art horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers as well as CNC lathes of different sizes. A central supply system feeds cooling lubricant to each machine. Its entire 18

The record holder in long-term stability at over five years: Frank Waldhart understands the key importance of precisely managing emulsion temperature. The machine shop’s location on the cool basement level helps maintain a naturally stable base temperature – ideal conditions for maximum precision. Green light for maximum precision and cost efficiency: Robert Höhne Präzisionsmaschinen’s holistic view of all factors affecting the production process. Active subsidiaries: with Geovision’s CAD/CAM software and Toolflakes’ shop floor management system, all parameters are perfectly in tune. contents of over 5,000 liters pass through a carefully configured filter and heat exchanger system. The waste heat from the machines is used to heat the entire building, and, as a result, the emulsion can be kept at the target temperature all year round. “The smaller the temperature fluctuations, the more stable the entire system,” notes company maintenance supervisor Frank Waldhart. RESULTS MAY BE A NEW RECORD “Precision well in hand” is the slogan for over 45 company employees who produce individual parts and complete assemblies, specializing mainly in hydraulic components. The company has served customers in the aerospace, electronics and medical technology industries for some 25 years. Durability is also a feature of MOTOREX MAGNUM UX 500 cooling lubricant. The emulsion has been in successful use for over five years. Wastage is automatically replaced with pure water and coolant concentrate, mixed in the proper proportions by the central system, and added to the circuit. The same process ensures ongoing renewal and replenishment of important additives. In addition to temperature recording, a defined control process checks and records the concentration, pH and water hardness twice a week. The emulsion is tested for color and odor. Twice a year, the distributor, Bürk-Kauffmann GmbH of Schwenningen, takes samples to the MOTOREX laboratories in Langenthal for comprehensive analysis. So far the result has always been a green light to continue working with the emulsion. EXCELLENT CHOICE Even from today’s perspective, SWISSCOOL MAGNUM UX 500 remains the perfect choice for the innovative business from Wagenhofen. And using waste heat from the machines provides an additional benefit for people and the environment alike – fully in keeping with the Blue Competence® principle of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). • For more information on this interesting group of companies, see: MOTOREX MAGAZINE 102 I JULY 2014 19


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