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EXPORT The first step is

EXPORT The first step is always the hardest. Riders Danny Kent (#52) and Niklas Ajo (#31) will battle for fiercely contested points in Husqvarna’s first Moto3 season. MOTO3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: HUSQVARNA IN THE RACE Husqvarna Motorcycles began competing in the Moto3 World Championship at the start of this year. With ambitious rider Danny Kent (UK) and up-and-coming talent Niklas Ajo (Finland), the Husqvarna Factory Racing Team is a serious contender in its first Grand Prix road racing season. Finland’s Aki Ajo can look back on a long and successful career in motor sports and as a team manager. Husqvarna’s debut in the Moto3 arena starts a new chapter in racing for him as well. As a motorcycle brand, when people hear Husqvarna they think of offroad bikes along with numerous motocross, Enduro and supermoto triumphs. But few people know that Husqvarna is the second-oldest motorcycle brand in the world and has been building bikes without interruption since 1903! A LONG MOTORCYCLE TRADITION Husqvarna was originally a production division of Sweden’s Husqvarna Group. After numerous changes of ownership in the past 25 years, Husqvarna Motorcycles has belonged to KTM since January 2013. The acquisition gives the storied brand a stable business foundation. Its intriguing involvement in motor sports is sure to get people talking about the brand again and create a direct connection to the street bike segment. The initiative also indisputably enriches the Moto3 championship. A DEDICATED TEAM The air is famously thin in the Moto3 World Championship, so the new factory team’s fortunes are in the hands of veteran racing pros. Pit Beirer, who holds the management position of racing director at Husqvarna, clearly fits the description. “We will gather the best people and all the energy we need to guarantee the project gets the success it deserves,” Beirer declared even before the team was officially introduced. It consists of Danny Kent, the 14

A practiced touch – the M32 high-performance engine has to be specially tuned for each race. Nothing left to chance: MOTOREX products deliver maximum performance with top reliability. official factory rider, and Niklas Ajo, the official second rider and offspring of Finnish team manager Aki Ajo. Both riders are enormously talented racers and are receiving professional coaching. DEVELOPED WITH MOTOREX The Husqvarna Moto3GP machine weighs in at about 80 kg and is said to squeeze some 55 horsepower out of its 250-cc engine. Official performance figures are unavailable. The one-cylinder four-stroke M32 engine is ultra-compact and weighs less than 25 kilos. It is equipped with dual injection, a vibration-cancelling cam, slipper clutch and removable cartridge six-speed transmission. Perfect clutch engagement at the start and over the entire distance of the race is essential for good racing results. And incidentally, the 14,000-rpm engine was developed using MOTOREX RACING PRO 4T in the special RACING LINE SAE 0W/40 racing formula. show in Milan, there is every reason to believe that Husqvarna fans can look forward to a big supermoto machine in the near future. • Name Danny Kent Niklas Ajo Nationality UK Finland Age 21 19 Racing since 2001 2010 Team role 1 st Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo factory rider 2 nd Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo factory rider A DIVERSE PALETTE Husqvarna offers seven 2014 off-road models, from the TC85 to the FC450, all built at its plant in Austria. CEO Stefan Pierer cites a production goal of 14,000 units. In future, Husqvarna will increasingly target customers who want technical finesse. There can be no doubt that it has plenty of potential to do so. With Husqvarna’s Moto3 debut and the Husqvarna 701 concept bike with its 75-horsepower 690-cc one-cylinder engine, introduced last September at the EICMA Husqvarna’s current range offers seven different off-road models for connoisseurs. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 102 I JULY 2014 15

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