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REPORT Text excerpts: ©

REPORT Text excerpts: © PSI Because high tech is essential to modern science, interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists and capable industry partners is especially important in ambitious research projects. Every great human accomplishment is the result of our own efforts to outperform ourselves. And none of it would be possible without research. The major SwissFEL project of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is designed to open a door for scientists to completely new discoveries. The innovative manufacturers of the equipment for the path-breaking project will be a key success factor. PSI’s next major facility, the SwissFEL X-ray free electron laser, is scheduled to commence operations in 2016. The device will generate extremely short pulses of X-rays with laser properties, allowing researchers to observe extremely rapid processes such as the formation of new molecules in chemical reactions, determine the detailed structure of vital proteins or investigate the precise composition of materials. The facility’s commissioning will mark a new milestone in scientific research, opening vistas that are impossible with methods available today. THE 740-METER FACILITY The SwissFEL will generate extremely intense, extremely short flashes of X-ray light for scientific experiments. This X-ray light will be emitted within the SwissFEL by 10

All measurements throughout the entire production and assembly processes are carried out and recorded according to carefully defined specifications. Pre-grinding, milling and grinding – Max Daetwyler AG relies on a top-performance cooling lubricant emulsion from MOTOREX for precision machining. The precisely air-conditioned assembly department of the Max Daetwyler AG was laid out specifically for assembling the undulators and can accommodate several units. very fast-moving electrons directed along a narrow slalom-like path by powerful magnets. Electrons emit electromagnetic radiation when forced to change their velocity or direction. Depending on the nature of their movements, this radiation could take the form of radio waves, visible light or, as in this case, X-rays. The underground SwissFEL facility will have a length of just under 740 meters. It will consist of four sections: an injector, a linear accelerator, an arrangement of undulators, and of course equipment for experiments. SPECIAL X-RAYS Production of X-rays (see pages 12/13) begins in the injector 1, where electrons are extracted from a metal plate by a flash of light, then pre-accelerated by an electric field before continuing on to the linear accelerator 2. There, powerful microwaves accelerate them to nearly the speed of light – fast enough to be directed on a slalom-like path in the undulators 3, the technical term for the facility’s periodic arrangement of alternately oriented magnets. In the process, the electrons generate six billion electron-volts of X-ray radiation, which gather with the force of an avalanche to form the SwissFEL’s uniquely intense X-ray light. Twelve undulators, each having 1,060 magnets, will be arranged one after the other over a distance of 60 meters at the SwissFEL. Achieving the required precision in building the undulators is an astounding feat of engineering. The X-ray light beam is then directed to the experimental stations 4, where it can be used by researchers in their experiments. THE PAUL SCHERRER INSTITUTE PSI AND THE SWISSFEL The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI is the largest research center for natural and engineering sciences in Switzerland. It performs basic and applied research into matter and material; energy and the environment; and human health. The PSI also builds and operates complex large-scale research systems. Film: © PSI Watch an informative video about the SwissFEL. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 102 I JULY 2014 11

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