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MOTOR OIL Photo: S. Ebel

MOTOR OIL Photo: S. Ebel – Strong: MOTOREX ALPINE EXTREME SAE 5W/30 guarantees full performance in any situation, and helps to measurably reduce operating costs and CO 2 emissions. ALPINE EXTREME SAE 5W/30: ECONOMICAL AND POWERFUL MOTOREX ALPINE EXTREME SAE 5W/30 combines maximum fuel efficiency with top performance. Tailored for the extreme conditions of mountain environments, this innovative low-lubricity motor oil measurably reduces fuel costs, CO 2 emissions and, thanks to its superior protection against wear, maintenance costs. With winter over, it’s not only time for the annual equipment overhaul – operators analyze the year from a business management perspective too. Fuel consumption is a key cost element that is dependent on various technical and weather-related factors. Many winter sports resorts are looking to the latest generation of vehicles and machines. New technologies improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions. New technologies improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions. FOCUS ON CONSUMPTION Manufacturers and operators alike are currently making huge efforts to optimize all the factors that affect consumption. Using MOTOREX ALPINE EXTREME, fuel economy motor oil can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%. And that pays off in cold, hard cash. Let’s say we have five snow grooming vehicles running a total of 5,000 hours per season and consuming an average of 30 liters of diesel fuel per hour. If we can save 3% out of a total consumption of 150,000 liters of fuel, that adds up to savings of 4,500 liters of diesel fuel per season. Multiply that by the current price per liter and we can put an exact figure to the savings. So in this example we can save around Euro 6,300 just by choosing the right motor oil! And on the emissions side we also save 11,790 kilograms of CO 2 . 8

MULTITALENTED Synthetic low-SAPS ALPINE EXTREME motor oil is produced in the trailblazing SAE 5W/30 low-lubricity viscosity. It is one of the first motor oils to meet both the ACEA E6 and API CJ-4 specifications, making it possible to use the same motor oil for engines from Mercedes- Benz, Cummins, Caterpillar, MAN, etc. in snow groomers and other machines (observe manufacturers’ specifications). This also simplifies inventories and enhances efficiency. ALPINE EXTREME SAE 5W/30’s very wide range of applications ensures that several generations of engines can profit from its benefits. Snow groomers in Switzerland and Austria are already saving fuel with ALPINE EXTREME. Modern exhaust gas treatment systems require a low-SAPS motor oil. After a snowfall, transporters earn their keep as equipment carriers. Many winter sport resorts have all-purpose excavators in their equipment fleets. SAE 5W/30 low-lubricity viscosity simplifies cold-starting. Photo: Honda Motor Europe Ltd. Handy snow blowers are popular helpers, especially at mountain peaks. POTENTIAL SAVINGS FOR ONE SNOW GROOMER IN EURO AND KG CO 2 PER SEASON EURO 1200 1100 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Savings: 1,260 Euro and 2,358 kg CO 2 Savings: 840 Euro and 1,572 kg CO 2 Savings: 420 Euro and 786 kg CO 2 1% 2% 3% Fuel savings Machine type: e.g. Kässbohrer 600W or Prinoth Everest Service hours per season: 1,000 hours Average consumption per hour: 30 liters of diesel fuel Average price of 1 l diesel: 1.40 Euro Total fuel cost per season: 42,000 Euro FORWARD-LOOKING Economical, low-emission snow groomers are already in service in many places. Keeping them operating economically in the long term takes a low-SAPS motor oil – one with a very low content of sulfate ash, phosphorus and sulfur. MOTOREX ALPINE EXTREME SAE 5W/30 already uses the latest ash-free additive technology. Further benefits include: • Extremely versatile/EURO-6 compatible • Suitable for all exhaust gas treatment systems • Measurably reduces fuel consumption and lowers CO 2 emissions • Penetrates the engine extremely quickly • Provides outstanding protection against wear Your regional representative will be glad to answer any questions about ALPINE EXTREME SAE 5W/30 for your vehicle and equipment pool. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 101 I APRIL 2014 9



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