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WHAT’S NEW Boring a

WHAT’S NEW Boring a blast pattern of 115 or so holes in solid rock demands every bit of a drill jumbo’s power. MOTOREX OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluid transmits the immense forces in the hydraulic system. TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION: EVER ONWARD Road and rail tunnels are key elements of an efficient transport infrastructure in the alpine countries. The BLS rail company is currently constructing a new, two-track tunnel on the line between Berne and Neuchâtel. Specialized tunnel builders are applying their knowledge and skill, and MOTOREX is contributing to the success of the project with a comprehensive assortment of lubricants. A winding section of the BLS rail line between Rosshäusern and Mauss in Switzerland is a bottleneck on the Berne–Neuchâtel route. Construction of the new, two-track, two-kilometer Rosshäusern Tunnel will eliminate this bottleneck. EXTREME LOADS Building a tunnel tests man and machine to the utmost. Underground work is grueling, demanding full physical and mental engagement from the tunnel builders. The ARGE Tunnel Rosshäusern team consists of 48 professionals in a range of specialties. Work during the week is carried out in shifts, with three shifts of tunnel driving teams taking turns. A conventional process is used to drive the tunnel through the mostly marly sandstone. Like all processes on the construction site, tunnel driving is governed by strict safety precautions. DRILL, CHARGE AND DETONATE Some 180,000 cubic meters of rock – enough to fill 5000 open railway wagons – will be carved out of the tunnel by the time it is completed in 2016. The tunnel driving process at Rosshäusern is based on a carefully devised work cycle: 1. Drill and fill a pipe roof (29 pipes, 16 meters long) in the tunnel’s ridge area to “support” the driving zone. 2. Drill blasting patterns using a drill jumbo in the crown (approximately 115 two-meter holes), charge them with liquid explosive and detonate. 3. Now comes “mucking”, which in tunnel builders’ jargon means removing the blast debris to a 6

The pipe roof boring machine is filled with highly proven, rapidly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES 46 hydraulic fluid. The pneumatic jackhammer requires regular inspection. It is lubricated through the compressed air lines with MOTOREX ROTAC 100. Diagram: BLS Crown to protecting the environment: wastewater is collected and pre-treated, environmentally friendly materials are generally employed and rapidly biodegradable lubricants are used wherever possible. Stope Floor dumping ground. Meanwhile the tunnel crown is cut to shape (see drawing). 4. The next step is installing the support structures. First a canopy of steel fiber-reinforced shotcrete is applied, then HEB arches and backfill mesh are installed. Finally the arches are backfilled with concrete. ENGINEERING UNDER STRESS Many machines and vehicles developed especially for tunnel construction are in operation round-the-clock at the site. Whether we’re talking about a pipe roof boring machine, drill jumbo, wheel loader, excavator, dumper, truck, off-road vehicle or staff minibus, heavy-duty service takes its toll on all of these valuable helpers. That’s why it’s so important to be meticulous about maintenance and use proven lubricants, says experienced ARGE repair shop boss Walter Bühler. Special attention is given LUBRICANTS FOR TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION Motor oils Transmission fluids OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic oil Compressor oil Jackhammer oil Bio concrete release agent Technical greases Hammer bit release agent Cleaners Sprays MOTOREX LUBRICANTS With its exceptionally diverse range of products, MOTO- REX ably covers every need of the many and varied vehicles and machinery at ARGE Tunnel Rosshäusern. The three most important reasons for choosing MOTOREX were the environmental safety of many products, performance potential in extreme conditions, and guaranteed service from MOTOREX specialists at all times. Since the tunnel construction equipment sees roundthe-clock use, a special workshop for repairs and maintenance was set up on-site. Certain lubrication tasks are often carried out at shift changes and according to a lubrication plan that follows the manufacturer’s requirements. Miners know all too well that nothing moves on a construction site of these dimensions without machine power. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 101 I APRIL 2014 7



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