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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS Photo: A. Omelchenko – MOTOREX: BEST BRAND FOR THE 3 RD TIME For the third time, readers of Swiss motoring magazine Auto Illustrierte have voted MOTOREX best brand in the lubricants category. MOTOREX is delighted about this award, not least because Auto Illustrierte readers are our end consumers, in other words our customers’ customers. Thank you for choosing us! MOTOREX COOLANT M4.13 CONCENTRATE As modern aluminum engines become ever more powerful, their engine blocks are becoming ever lighter. New MOTOREX COOLANT M4.13 provides outstanding protection against freezing, oxidation and overheating for all modern engines, especially aluminum engines subjected to heavy loads. The new formula takes advantage of an innovative inhibitor packet with Si-OAT technology (silicate components). COOLANT M4.13 is free of nitrites, phosphates and amines and is an excellent heat conductor. The coolant is delivered as a concentrate and should be mixed with water in the recommended proportions (for antifreeze performance from –20 to –38 °C). Perfect for all Audi, VW, Škoda and Seat vehicles that require the VW TL 774-J (G13) standard. JASO MA2-CERTIFIED: BOXER 4T AND TOP SPEED 4T A double dose of news for the start of the motorbike season: MOTOREX has improved its popular BOXER 4T and TOP SPEED 4T four-stroke engine oils and now offers both products in the new SAE 5W/40 viscosity. Both are also now officially JASO MA2-certified, covering the entire performance spectrum for wet-clutch engines. This guarantees smooth gear meshing and fast shifting in any situation. BOXER 4T SAE 5W/40 is the ideal choice for the new water/oil-cooled boxer generation. TOP SPEED 4T SAE 5W/40 is likewise available just in time for the start of the season. Both lubricants meet leading manufacturers’ strict specifications. MOTOREX CS-CLEANER Spindle cooling systems are exposed to high thermal loads. Thorough cleaning of the system with new biocide-free CS-CLEANER is recommended every time the spindle coolant is changed (either during maintenance or when switching to a MOTOREX product). Its innovative additive technology effectively removes residual dirt and other contaminants. Biocide-free MOTOREX CS-CLEANER creates the perfect environment for a smoothly functioning spindle cooling system and high process reliability. 4

MOTOR OIL NEWS IN GENEVA MOTOREX showcased four brand-new passenger car motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines at the 84 th International Motor Show in Geneva. The CAR LINE products CONCEPT F-EB SAE 5W/20, CONCEPT E-XL SAE 0W/20 and PROFILE M-XL SAE 5W/40 are newly-developed formulas covering the latest manufacturers’ approvals for specific makes (see individual descriptions below). In addition, MOTOREX TOPAZ SAE 5W/30 replaces PROFILE O-XL as an exceptional product for older engine generations (without exhaust gas treatment systems). Your regional representative will be glad to recommend the right engine oil for you. ALPINE COREX POLAR S 320 MOTOREX has expanded its specialpurpose ALPINE LINE hydraulic oil range by adding ALPINE COREX POLAR S 320. This product replaces the current ALPINE POLAR/HOTZ HYLR-OLYT HY 310. The new ALPINE COREX POLAR S 320 was developed in conjunction with renowned cableway manufacturers and is mainly used in track rope brakes for aerial tramways. We’ll be happy to help with any questions you may have regarding the lubrication of alpine infrastructure. CONCEPT F-EB SAE 5W/20 High-performance low-lubricity motor oil developed especially for Ford EcoBoost ® engines. For exceptional fuel economy. ACEA A1/B1 API SN FORD WSS-M2C948-B CONCEPT E-XL SAE 0W/20 High-performance low-lubricity motor oil for gasoline vehicles with the latest engine technology. Selected base fluids combined with additives developed exclusively for this formula guarantee outstanding fuel economy and CO 2 emissions values. API SN ILSAC GF-5 TOPAZ SAE 5W/30 High-performance multigrade motor oil with a broad range of applications. Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines that require an ACEA A3/B4 standard and SAE 5W/30 viscosity. ACEA A3/B4 API SL MB-Approval 229.5 VW 502 00/ 505 00 RENAULT RN0700/RN0710 Safety + Performance: GM-LL-A-025/ GM-LL-B-025 FIAT 9.55535-G1 PROFILE M-XL SAE 5W/40 High-tech latest-generation motor oil. Specially suited for Mercedes-Benz gasoline and diesel engines. Meets the Daimler Group’s strictest requirements. ACEA A3/B4 MB-Approval 229.5 MOTOREX 2014 RACING SEASON The 2014 racing season promises many new outstanding performances from MOTOREX racers around the world. An impressive list of teams and racers preparing to battle for fame and honor this season on MOTOREX’s behalf can be found at racing. Have a look and catch the fever! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 101 I APRIL 2014 5



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