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BOX It’s hard to miss

BOX It’s hard to miss the pacifier attached to the forestry service uniform worn by 3½-year-old Alyssia. The unique accessory is not the result of some new EU safety directive, but rather a clue to what Alyssia and her father Antonio from Neuchâtel get up to in their spare time. The photo was taken while the pair were felling trees on the lot where a new home for Alyssia and her family will soon stand. Fortunately, her father, a repair shop boss by occupation, is handy enough to get quite a few FORESTRY WITH PACIFIER things done on his own. What matters to Alyssia is that, whether she’s cutting down trees with Dad, baking cakes with Mom or playing hide-and-seek with both, there’s always plenty going on. • DID YOU KNOW THAT KITZBÜHEL … … likely owes its fame as a winter sports center to the Hahnenkamm ski race, which has been taking place since 1930. Each year the event attracts up to 100,000 welcome guests. In the summer, Kitzbühel, which lies 95 kilometers east of the state capital of Innsbruck, holds visitors spellbound with the unique atmosphere of events like the Austrian Tennis Open. The Municipal Maintenance Department with its staff of 38 and their vehicles keeps Kitzbühel ship-shape all the year round. Whether they’re clearing snow, tending the town’s green spaces, repairing its roads or providing services for the many events, the Maintenance Department team always comes through. MOTOREX has been supplying lubricants for the Maintenance Department’s entire vehicle and machinery fleet since April 2012. Kitzbühel’s “pros in orange” appreciate MOTOREX products’ high quality and economy, which they have the opportunity to evaluate for themselves every day. The lubrication advice they get from their MOTOREX regional representative is free of charge but highly valued. • OTTOREX 22

MOTOREX NEWS 2014 SOFTSHELL JACKET Unisex softshell jacket anthracite, athletic-cut, water and wind resistant, breathable. Ultra soft and light, with added stretch. 84% polyester / 16% polyurethane. With elastic cuffs, sleeve pocket, one left-hand breast pocket, two outer pockets, collar with elastic drawcord. MOTOREX Logo on right side of the chest. Available sizes: S–XXL EUR 79.– incl. 20% VAT (65.83 € excl.) WORKING TROUSERS Working trousers anthracite in material class «comfortable and strong» (275 g/m 2 ). Fabric with smooth, pleasant feel. 60% cotton / 40% polyester. Large leg pocket with compartment for tape measure and separate pocket with concealed press stud. Denim style details such as a jeans back yoke. Cordura knee patches. Extremely hard-wearing fabric trim made from polyamide. Tear-proof and stain-resistant. Available Sizes: 42–62 EUR 49.– incl. 20% VAT (40.83 € excl.) © drubig-photo Visit our online shop at Here you can also find additional highlights from the MOTOREX collection. Whether sporty or stylish – the choice is yours. You can order items from this page using the order form in the middle of the catalogue or through our online shop at MOTOREX MAGAZINE 101 I APRIL 2014 23



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