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PRACTICE Emergency

PRACTICE Emergency response vehicles generally have automatic transmissions to make driving easier and safer. Transmission and ATF alike need to operate at full capacity at a moment’s notice. Photo: Fire Department Berne When the alarm goes off in Berne’s Fire Department, a lightning-quick response by man and machine is essential. QUICK SHIFT ATF TP SPECIFICATIONS DEXRON III H; MAN 339 Type V-2, MAN 339 Type Z-2; MB Approval 236.6; Voith H55.6335.3x, H55.6336.3x; Mercon V; Allison C-4 ZF TE-ML-04D, 05L, 09, 14B, 16L, 17C Safety + Performance: MAN 339 Type Z-3; Volvo 97341; Allison TES-389, TES-295 With alarm response times of two minutes or less, every second counts for Berne’s Fire Department. Fires tend to develop exponentially. When a “small fire” is extinguished, it means the responders arrived quickly. KICKDOWN ON THE FIRE ENGINE Markus Remund, firefighter and chief mechanic, waits with the vehicle in “drive” for the light to turn green. Then comes the kickdown that gets the 18-tonne water tender moving. First gear – second – third, brake – another kickdown … The automatic transmission is right in the center of the action, expected to work – and shift – smoothly at all times, especially during an emergency. It’s filled with MOTOREX ATF TP high-performance automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Photo: ZF MOTOREX ATF TP ATF TP is the best choice of transmission fluid for a mixed vehicle fleet featuring 50 or so different kinds of equipment, cars and fire engines. Specially developed for service vehicles and buses, the high-performance ATF has a very wide range of applications and offers the following benefits: • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion • Extremely high shear stability • Very aging-resistant and thermostable • Allows long service intervals • Keeps oil circuit clean • Enhances smooth shifting. TP PERFORMANCE FORMULA ATF TP’s strength is a very high viscosity index (VI) of 180, which guarantees an optimum viscosity curve over an extremely wide temperature range. This value has a major impact on the all-important lightning-quick engagement of the automatic transmission. A special additive package gives ATF TP its exceptional friction curve, which is highly valued by pros who use torque converter clutches, for example for precision starts. Retarders are often also incorporated into the transmission fluid circuit. Energy is kinematically destroyed to brake the vehicle. At the Berne Fire Department, steering assemblies and other components in vehicles ranging from forklifts to water tenders, are also filled with high-performance ATF TP. The staff who maintain the vehicle and machine fleet know why. • 20

ALPINE Photo: Marti AG/AXPO AG Track rope brakes are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations – as is the hydraulic fluid that keeps them working reliably. In partnership with cableway manufacturer GARAVENTA, MOTOREX successfully developed and tested its ALPINE COREX POLAR S 370 multigrade special-purpose hydraulic oil. JUST PERFECT: ALPINE COREX POLAR For GARAVENTA’s engineers, lubrication is a key discipline in developing, operating, maintaining and overhauling all types of cableways. As a lubricant specialist, MOTOREX knows the subject from top to bottom. What the customer needed was support and technical advice, not just an assortment of a few standard products. MOTOREX’s service mindset and high quality won over the engineers at GARAVENTA (Doppelmayr Group) to such an extent that they specified ALPINE COREX POLAR as the new standard oil for all installations. A WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS GARAVENTA AG has been using MOTOREX hydraulic oils for some time. Thus newly developed ALPINE COREX POLAR, which is available in two viscosities, is based on the extensive practical experience possessed by GARA- VENTA’s Engineering Service team and MOTOREX’s tribology specialists. The objective was to create the most versatile possible hydraulic fluid that would guarantee top safety performance over an extremely wide range of temperatures. fluid’s service life. ALPINE COREX POLAR offers a number of key benefits: • Outstanding demulsibility • Exceptionally high shear stability • Extremely flat viscosity-temperature response • Very low pour point • High oxidation and aging resistance • Effective protection against corrosion and deterioration during storage • Compatible with standard commercial gaskets, O-rings and paints LONG-TERM TEST PASSED Following the successful completion of long-term testing by the cableway manufacturer, ALPINE COREX POLAR will now be progressively rolled out to GARAVENTA customers, where it will be used in accordance with “ALPINE COREX POLAR multigrade hydraulic oil gives our customers the perfect product for several areas at once.” Erich Zuber, hydraulics project engineer, Garaventa AG THE NEW GENERATION ALPINE COREX POLAR S 320 and S 370 hydraulic oils embody the new generation of high-performance multigrade hydraulic oils for alpine infrastructure. The special blend of pressure fluids is built on high-quality base oils. A precisely tuned zinc- and silicon-free additive package ensures top operating safety throughout the the regulations in a wide range of service and emergency brakes, hydraulic tensioning cylinders, standby drives, etc. • SPECIFICATIONS HVLP as per DIN 51524/T3 and HV as per ISO 6743/4 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 101 I APRIL 2014 21



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