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INDUSTRY Photos: KIF Parechoc KIF Parechoc uses MOTOREX machining fluids to produce two key assemblies for precision mechanical timepieces in Switzerland’s “Watch Valley” in Le Sentier. A GUARDIAN ANGEL FOR WATCHES KIF Parechoc SA specializes in the development and production of precision parts for the Swiss watchmaking industry. “Parechoc” is French for “shock absorber” – an apt allusion to the company’s product, which provides impact protection for many brands of highly sensitive mechanical watch movements. The mechanical watch was invented in the 13 th century, although makers only started to use springs to store the driving force towards the middle of the 15 th century. The latter development opened up a number of new ways of measuring time, which have had a marked influence on watchmaking in the modern era. Spiral springs are a fixed part of mechanical watch movements, driving the balance wheel, a precision-made metal ring mounted on an arbor that is guided by pivots at each end. The spiral spring and the mass of the wheel together make up an oscillating system. The choice of machining fluid has a direct impact on productivity and tool service lives. AT THE “HEART” OF MANY WATCHES KIF Parechoc was founded in 1944 and has been part of the Acrotec Group since 2007. Some 120 people currently work at the company’s head office in the leading watchmaking center of Le Sentier in Switzerland’s Vallée de Joux. As a conventional bar turning company in the 20 mm and smaller range, KIF Parechoc has 18

Parts are measured using state-of-the-art equipment, and the results are assessed by a quality control system. The oil supply room contains not only lubricant storage tanks, but also swarf spinners and machining fluid filtration systems. drawn on its two main areas of expertise – index assemblies (in French, raquetterie) and shock absorbers (antichoc) – to forge a reputation as a leading supplier to renowned watchmakers in Switzerland and abroad. THE INDEX ASSEMBLY The combination of balance wheel and spring make up a single unit, the index assembly. The ring-shaped balance serves as an oscillator. Supported by the balance shaft and driven by the spring, the balance oscillates according to a set moment of inertia. The watchmaker uses the index assembly to precisely tune the mechanical watch movement’s accuracy. 1. It reduces friction, thereby improving the working mechanism while at the same time reducing pivot wear. 2. It protects against radial, axial or combined impacts. PART OF THE SOLUTION In their search for the best lubrication solution, KIF Parechoc struck gold. The choice was easy thanks to MOTOREX’s close working relationship with Tornos, and some 50 of the company’s machines were filled with MOTOREX ORTHO TX 15. This cutting oil contains no chlorine or heavy metals and meets even the strictest requirements, guaranteeing outstanding results even in extremely challenging machining processes involving a wide range of materials. MOTOREX ORTHO TX’s universal versatility enhances production flexibility, and its performance characteristics extend tool life. TOOL LIFE COMPARISON, PART # 250265.2 INOX 4C27A THE SHOCK ABSORBER Not surprisingly, the index assembly – the “heart of the watch” – is highly sensitive to movement, so it is crucial to protect this complex regulating mechanism against impacts. To understand its sensitivity, you need to visualize its dimensions. The average diameter of the tips of the balance shaft is 7 / 100 mm – barely more than the diameter of a human hair! This has led to the development of a shock absorber system that fulfils several functions at once: Service life in % 100% 148% 0 500 1,428 units 2,113 units 1000 1500 2000 2500 Service life in units Your MOTOREX regional representative or Technical Customer Service will be glad to provide more information on ORTHO cutting fluids and how they can help you optimize your processes. • MOTOREX ORTHO TX Standard cutting fluid MOTOREX MAGAZINE 101 I APRIL 2014 19



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