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EXPORT Customers are

EXPORT Customers are impressed with Winn Marketing’s wide range of equipment and innovative solutions, like this PistenBully equipped with a lifting platform. UP AND AWAY WITH WINN MARKETING SWEDEN Whether it’s a PistenBully for preparing Swedish “løype” cross-country ski trails or an ice resurfacer for bringing a Finnish hockey rink to a high polish, Winn Marketing is an expert when it comes to specialized machines for its international clientele. For 30 years, Winn Marketing AB, a family business in the north of Sweden, has seen to it that these heavy specialty machines perform their tasks efficiently and without breaking down, in Scandinavia as well as in selected European countries. A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY Winn Marketing is an import-export company and has been the exclusive importer of PistenBully snow groomers and Olympia and Icebear ice resurfacers since 1983. A staff of 14 make up the core of the distribution and aftermarket firm at its headquarters in Umeå, Sweden. To best serve its customers, Winn Marketing works with several distribution and service partners in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland. These relationships have been a key success factor in the company’s long-term win-win strategy. Winn has been selling and maintaining snow groomers for 30 years. Using MOTOREX guarantees safety and reliability. PASSING THE TORCH Winn Marketing was founded by Roger Strandberg and Glenn Bergström, who remain the company’s sole shareholders. Although both owners still work there, 14

New machines are prepared for delivery and used equipment is overhauled at Winn Marketing’s workshop. Icebear machines are used in many Swedish hockey stadiums (the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Malmö Arena, etc.). Winn has already sold over 200 units of the Icebear Electric model. Company founders Glenn Bergström (center) and Roger Strandberg (right) with second-generation CEO Joakim Bergström (left). The Mega E-Worker is advancing the electric revolution in the field of light service vehicles. the company recently experienced a generation shift at management level. Glenn Bergström handed over the position of CEO to his son Joakim Bergström in 2011. Since then younger employees have also taken over other key roles in the company. These changes represent an important step in securing the company’s future. QUALITY BRANDS In addition to PistenBully snow groomers and Olympia and Icebear ice resurfacers, the company is also the exclusive importer of Aixam-Mega’s brand of electric and diesel vehicles and a dealer in Aebi Terratrac implement carriers from Switzerland. Since including MOTOREX lubricants in its product range, Winn Marketing has had an economical way to meet all the lubricant needs of the wide range of equipment the company carries in compliance with all applicable manufacturers’ requirements. WINNING WITH MOTOREX “At Winn Marketing we’ve long worked only with leading, top-quality brands”, says Joakim Bergström. “After our first meeting with MOTOREX representatives in Sweden, we immediately got the feeling that this relationship would be another genuine win-win situation for everyone involved. Since many of our machines, including the PistenBullys, depend on high-quality lubricants”, he adds, “the only way for us to further improve our range of services was with the right lubrication technology supplier. What’s more, MOTOREX offers quick technical advice and provided lubricant technology training right at the start of our partnership.” Its partnership with MOTOREX is a perfect element in Winn Marketing’s efforts to defend its leadership position in the various markets it serves. • FACTS AND FIGURES Company Headquarters Founded Employees Activities Sales Winn Marketing AB Umeå, 700 km north of Stockholm, Sweden 1983 14 (plus various independent contractors) Exclusive importer of heavy specialty equipment such as snow groomers, ice resurfacers, implement carriers and electric utility vehicles for Sweden and various Scandinavian and European countries EUR 10 million MOTOREX MAGAZINE 101 I APRIL 2014 15



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