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WHAT’S NEW Photo: S.

WHAT’S NEW Photo: S. Mann – CLEAN & CARE FOR A 360° SHINE For many bikers and motorcycle pros, admiring a gleaming machine after a thorough cleaning is the icing on the cake of the whole motorbike experience. To make it a complete success, MOTOREX brings three new products to the biking world, just in time for the new season. THE NEW 360° MOTO CLEAN: SPRAYS EVEN WHEN UPSIDE DOWN! Every improvement focuses on time-saving, material-saving cleaning. When it’s time to clean the grime off your bike as efficiently as possible, you need a special motorcycle cleaner like MOTO CLEAN. With improved active ingredients and an optimized formula, MOTO CLEAN powerfully cleans the entire motorbike – and it’s biodegradable! It’s ideal for dissolving impurities like insects, brake dust and tar. With good penetration and optimized adhesion, it now covers and sticks to surfaces even better. But MOTO CLEAN won’t corrode rubber, chrome, plastic or paint. There are also several improvements in how it’s used: The special 360° spray mechanism on the one-litre atomizer bottle allows you to use every last drop in any position – even upside-down. The new continuously adjustable atomizer nozzle lets you distribute the cleaner even more finely than before. A resized pump mechanism now moves a larger quantity of cleaner with each stroke so you don’t have to pump as often. • new and improved all-in-one cleaner • new formula with lower pH • better product distribution over the surface • improved adhesion • very safe for rubber, plastic and metal • ready-to-use, can be diluted with water at up to 1:3 depending on the amount of dirt • new one-litre 360° atomizer bottle works at all angles 6

WASHING WITHOUT WATER: MOTOREX QUICK CLEANER If you’ve ever ridden your freshly QUICK CLEANER is also ideal for polished machine to a biker gathering, you’ve probably seen the long washes. QUICK CLEANER also comes a quick clean between regular faces as the riders dismount and with the handy 360° spray mechanism from MOTOREX. see what road dirt, tar, water, insects and even cow manure have done to their clean ride. What to • new MOTOREX quick do? Since water isn’t always handy motorbike cleaner and time is short, the solution is • no water needed the new QUICK CLEANER from • cleans plastic parts, MOTOREX. This simple yet effective cleaner cleans every surface of paint and metal windshields, glass, your motorcycle quickly and gently • removes insects, dust and dirt without the need for water. Just • makes parts shine while spray QUICK CLEANER on the cold water rolls off motorbike, let it soak in for a few • very safe for rubber, minutes, then polish the surfaces plastic and metal with a soft cotton cloth or paper • new 500-ml 360° atomizer towel. The result is convincing. bottle works at all angles GUARDIAN ANGEL: MOTO PROTECT The new MOTO PROTECT guarantees long-lasting corrosion-proofing and the best possible protection for different types of surfaces. It protects surfaces against dust and dirt, displaces moisture and provides top-notch protection against corrosion by forming a thin film of oil. Spraying Motocross and Enduro bikes with MOTO PROTECT before taking them off-road also makes them much easier to clean afterwards thanks to the protective oil film. MOTO PROTECT is equally suitable for painted surfaces and for chrome and bare metal. It is safe for rubber and plastic. MOTO PROTECT’s penetration characteristics make it effective even in hardto-reach spots. It’s so easy to use that you can even hold the practical 500-ml spray can upside-down. • • the new anti-corrosion spray • protection and care for all motorcycles • ideal for long-term storage and before off-road use • suitable for paint, chrome and all metals • very good corrosion-proofing • easy to use • 500-ml spray can works even when upside-down MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2013 7



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