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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS PISTENBULLY ® NOW COMES WITH MOTOREX The Swiss offices of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG in Möriken, Chur and Sion have been working with the lubrication specialists at MOTOREX for quite a while. Now the company has decided to make the collaboration with MOTOREX in Switzerland official, using tried and tested MOTOREX ALPINE LINE operating fluids like motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oils, etc. that meet specifications. Along with the proven product range, it was MOTOREX’s high degree of expertise and comprehensive services that clinched Kässbohrer Switzerland’s decision. INTACT MX 50 PERFORMS MIRACLES Some are opened every day, others barely once a year, but they all have one thing in common – a high number of moving parts give today’s windows plenty of room to move. You can tilt them, swing them, slide them up. And it’s all easier if they’re well-lubricated. MOTOREX INTACT MX 50 universal spray is ideal for clean and convenient lubrication of all moving parts. Manufacturers often mark the lubrication points with an oil drop symbol. The active ingredient effectively displaces water and provides optimum lubrication along with reliable protection against corrosion. A little effort twice a year is all it takes to keep your windows functioning perfectly all year long. BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE: MOTOREX OILFINDER Finding the right products and filling quantities for all common passenger cars, delivery vans, motorcycles and ATVs with a few clicks… recently became possible on the MOTOREX website. Check out the link below to see if your model is listed. READY FOR THE FUTURE WITH MOTOREX Visitors to the MOTOREX booth at this year’s 83 rd International Motor Show in Geneva were in for a surprise in the form of a very special exhibit. Alluding to an old movie favourite, MOTOREX’s slogan for the auto show was “Ready for the future with MOTOREX”. The display to go with it, featuring a genuine original DeLorean, was a huge hit with the many guests at the booth. Along with a wide selection of refreshments, visitors also picked up the latest information on the comprehensive MOTOREX product range for auto pros. It’s always a pleasure to see how many current and future customers find their way to the MOTOREX booth in Geneva. Many thanks for stopping by! 4

SUZUKI BRAND TROPHY FOLLOWS TREND Many auto enthusiasts, especially younger ones with an interest in sports, would love to get involved in racing. Until recently this would have required a racing licence and a hefty budget – until the Suzuki Grand Prix came along. Switzerland’s lowest-cost brand trophy gives every competitor an equal chance in an off-the-shelf Suzuki Swift Sport. The 2013 season calendar includes races at eleven locations. For the first time it will feature two mountain races and MOTOREX as lubricant partner. In addition, Suzuki dealers will be able to order quality MOTOREX motor oils directly from FIBAG. SPRING AWAKENING WITH GARDEN TOOL CARE Many garden tools come out of winter storage to be used again in the spring. It pays off to treat blades, joints, moving parts and generally all metal parts first with the new GARDEN TOOL CARE spray from MOTOREX. The rapidly biodegradable active ingredient optimally cleans, lubricates and protects garden tools against corrosion. Tools treated with GARDEN TOOL CARE work better and are better protected during the winter months. And the propellantfree 250-ml pump spray even protects the environment. Available as of May from your MOTOREX partner. WISHING TOM LÜTHI A SPEEDY RECOVERY When MOTOREX let visitors to its booth at the Swiss-Moto trade show in Zurich use the guest book to leave personal get-well wishes for Tom Lüthi, the affable motorbike racer was touched. Through no fault of his own, Tom had injured his right elbow, upper arm and shoulder in an accident during a test in Valencia. He started physical therapy soon after undergoing surgery and hopes to be back fighting for world championship points at the first European Grand Prix in Jerez on May 5. As a loyal partner, MOTOREX and Tom’s many friends (photo: Moto2 rider Dominique Aegerter) wish him a quick and full recovery. RACING BOOKLET 2013 1/13 I APRIL 2013 ALL OUT OF THE 2013 RACING BOOKLET? The 2013 Racing Booklet is also available online at RACING Schedules 2013 MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2013 5



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