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NORDIC Two championship

NORDIC Two championship races out of a total of six are held in winter. Whether on snow, ice, gravel, sand or asphalt, the team is in full control of the Fiesta R2. GOING FOR GOLD WITH MOTOREX Rally champions are as typically Swedish as elk and knäckebröd. International rally history is filled with names like Per-Gunnar Andersson, Björn Waldegård and Stig Blomqvist. And as this article proves, there is no shortage of up-and-coming talent. Mattias Adielsson and his co-driver Christoffer Bäck made it to the podium last season in the 2012 Swedish Junior Championship. The thrill of taking second place and a silver medal was enormous, but the 21-year-old’s thirst for gold this racing season is greater still. LIKE FATHER… Adielsson Motorsport was founded by Mats Adielsson, Mattias’s father, who has been a familiar name in the Swedish rally community for over 30 years. His son Mattias launched his motor racing career in a go-cart at age nine. The father’s passion and the hours spent in Mats’s car and workshop seem to have rubbed off on the son, who entered his first rally season as a junior driver three years ago and took part in no less than 25 races. And won 17 of them! Then in the 2012 season Mattias and Christoffer took second place in the Swedish Junior Championship and finished fifth overall in the 2WD sub-1600 cc class. Mattias and his co-driver had the enthusiastic support of the whole family. THE GOAL: JOIN A MANUFACTURER’S TEAM Last year the Swedish Car Racing Federation welcomed Mattias and Christoffer to the Swedish National Junior Team. This group’s purpose is to systematically prepare young talent for a future as a professional rally driver. In 2012 Mattias and Christoffer got the chance to breathe the same air as the racing royalty as interns at the World Rally Car Championship (WRC) in Portugal and Germany, just as Loeb and other pros had done before them. This is how the WRC encourages young talent, nurturing the dream of finding a place on one of the famous manufacturers’ teams. 20

Preparation is everything – and of course MOTOREX is a key part of the team. The Adielsson motor racing team is well-prepared to start the new season. This time they’re reaching for the top spot on the podium! Highly motivated: Driver Mattias Adielsson drove as a WRC intern during the 2012 season. Since then his next big goal has been clear. Mattias Adielsson (driver, right) and Christoffer Bäck (co-driver) are regarded as up-and-coming talent. This season they’re aiming straight at the gold. 170 ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY HP Mattias drives a 170-horsepower front-wheel-drive Ford Fiesta R2. Power to spare is not the car’s strong suit, so a perfect line and clean driving style are all the more necessary. But the team is clean in more ways than one, using ASPEN fuel exclusively. “Rally racing in Sweden has to be as environmentally friendly as possible”, Mattias tells us enthusiastically. “It’s important for the environment and for our public image. But it’s also exciting to see how much performance we can squeeze out of Swedish-made ASPEN E85 ethanol fuel.” WITH MOTOREX IN THE RACE The still-young relationship with MOTOREX has been a great success from the start. Lubricants from the MOTOREX range were used in every race of the 2012 season. In the engine, MOTOREX XPERIENCE FS-X SAE 0W/40 gets the job done, while PENTA LS 75W/140 GL-5 transmission fluid takes care of the gearbox. During all of the races, there was never a single lubricant-related problem. One of the team’s mechanics was even heard to say that MOTOREX offers “racing quality” in its standard product range… AN EXCITING 2013 The 2013 season will kick off with two winter rallies and continue with another four races throughout the country in the summer. Painstaking preparation in the garage and many test kilometres lay the groundwork for exceptionally good prospects of victory. The team also recently tested a new chassis and tires. The team manager, Mats Adielsson, is full of confidence for the coming season: “The car, the driver, the co-driver and the entire service crew are in top shape so we can approach the starting line knowing we’re ready”, he explained to Leif Reimelid, sales director for MOTOREX NORDIC AB. • For the racing schedule and more info on Adielsson Motorsport, visit: MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2013 21



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