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INDUSTRY Photo: iggyphoto – It takes the highest degree of precision: accurately machined watch components and outstanding technology are the foundation for Switzerland’s big export hit, the high-quality watch. A MILLION TIMES, PRECISELY: EASYDEC TIMEPIECE COMPONENTS Based in Delémont, Switzerland, bar turning company Easydec has found the key to producing the tiniest turned parts. As supplier to the leading watchmakers, the company specializes in large-scale production runs. According to the company’s proprietor Didier Rebetez, the key success factors are innovative quality management and a visionary business philosophy. A high degree of in-house vertical integration is rare among watch movement manufacturers. Most components are made by highly productive supplier firms in the region. As in other sectors nowadays, buyers demand top quality at competitive prices. This takes a number of success factors along with an integrated view of the production process. ONLY THE BEST WILL DO Easydec is committed to continual improvement of all processes. By precisely measuring quality and production performance, the company quickly identifies and eliminates sources of error. Production currently takes place on two floors using 50 or so Tornos CNC machines (Tornos Deco 7/10/13/2000/Micro8). Easydec employs the Quick- ControlPro® computer-aided quality control system. Essentially, all 50 machines are continuously monitored, and manual sampling is used to measure dimensional accuracy. Quality control staff constantly roam the entire plant. The measurement results are analysed by the software and graphically displayed. The results are clearly shown on both production floors simultaneously on a large display screen. Each machine’s production status is shown along a time axis. Periods shown in red indicate room for improvement. When improvements are implemented, the bar chart turns bright green. EXACTING IN EVERY RESPECT “To be among the best, companies these days must be exacting in every respect”, explains Didier Rebetez in his interview with us. Among the secrets of his success, he mentions his staff first. All Easydec bar turning machine 18

Parts are optically measured using state-of-the-art equipment. The results are assessed by a quality control system using QuickControlPro ® software. An imposing array of Tornos CNC bar turning machines upstairs, hard at work around the clock. The responsible Regional Manager of MOTOREX advised Easydec on the company’s switch to MOTOREX machining fluids and on every aspect of lubrication technology. Many precision turned parts for the watchmaking industry, like these 1.19 mm long screws for mechanical movements, are barely recognizable to the naked eye. operators are skilled in the very latest machining techniques, such as polygon turning, milling, thread-whirling, knurling… The machines, of course, are equipped with the optional features required for these techniques. The Tornos machine pool meets the company’s needs perfectly, running 24 hours a day with extremely high output. Still, the machines do require a certain degree of expertise on the operator’s part along with proper maintenance. MOTOREX UPSTAIRS In their search for the best lubrication solution, it didn’t take long for Easydec to strike gold. The choice was easy thanks to MOTOREX’s close collaboration with Tornos, and as the company expanded, it filled the 22 upstairs machines with MOTOREX ORTHO TX. This cutting oil is free of both chlorine and heavy metals and meets even the strictest requirements, guaranteeing top results even in the most difficult machining processes with a wide range of materials. The staff appreciate the MOTOREX cutting oil’s low volatility and mild odour. What’s more, ORTHO TX doesn’t tend to foam or generate excessive oil mist even in unfavourable working conditions. SWITCHING PAYS OFF One particularly positive side-effect of the switch to MOTOREX has been an almost 80% improvement in tool life for a mass-produced part (a 1.19 mm long 20 AP steel screw)! A “large” production run at Easydec can mean anywhere from one hundred thousand to four million pieces. The outstanding results following the switch were reason enough to switch to MOTOREX for slideway and hydraulic oils as well. All industrial lubricants have been tested for compatibility, giving the customer a thoroughly tried-and-tested solution and the utmost process reliability. • Would you like to learn more about the new generation of ORTHO cutting oils and about optimization options for your applications? Please contact your MOTOREX partner or phone us directly on +41 (0)62 919 74 74. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2013 19



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