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INSIDE MAKING A MOTOREX DRUM Ordered the previous evening, the green quality drums take just 45 minutes to produce at the manufacturer’s, before being delivered “just in time” to Langenthal. There’s a bustling, industrious feel to the steel drum plant that has for years been producing quality containers for MOTOREX. The drums are all made at the factory during a single shift. The carefully orchestrated production process is remarkable, fascinating not only from a logistical perspective, but especially because the plant has no storage space for finished containers. FORMING THE SHELL 1:34 p.m.: The massive sheet steel coils near the shear at the start of the production line are impossible to overlook (1). Sheets are cut continually from the material being used in the current production batch. These are then stacked on pallets and fed to the machine for the bungs on separate pieces of production equipment. Drum bottoms and tops are produced continually and briefly stored before being fed to the production line at just the right moment to be sealed to the drum shell. The variety is enormous. Now the drum shell rolls into the forming machines. First it is given a flange at the top and bottom; next rolling hoops are rolled into the shell in precise accordance with the customer’s specifications (5). These rolling hoops distribute weight when a full drum is rolled. Next the drum floors are “married” to the shell and sealed (6). At this point the drum is nearly finished and is already functional. The only thing missing is its colourful wrapper. The variety is enormous. Now the drum shell rolls into the forming machines. next step in processing (2). A fully automated forming and welding machine gives the drums their round shape. The two ends of the sheet are seamlessly joined by resistance welding (3). Already the drum shell is nearly finished. FLANGING, ROLLING AND MARRYING The drum floors are precision-cut (4) and fitted with INTO THE HEAT IN A GREEN DRESS A conveyor takes the drums through the paint spray booth where they receive their green dress (7). Depending on the type, paints can even be changed on the fly with the conveyor still rolling. The next step is curing the thermal paint in the oven for 30 minutes (8). Specific product branding is then automatically silkscreened onto the still-warm drum shells (9). Next, the plug is screwed into the drum (10). Finally, printing is applied manually to the drum top (11). At the end of the conveyor, shipping workers load the still-warm drums onto a waiting truck (12), which departs for Langenthal at 2:19 p.m. on the dot. • 16




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