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EXPORT Photo: TopKarMoto s.r.o. depends on quality and on reliable partners like machine manufacturers Kässbohrer and Reform. Together with the lubricant pros at MOTOREX they make a team of four sure winners. THE WINNING NUMBER IS FOUR: TOPKARMOTO IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Based in Žamberk, Czech Republic, TopKarMoto s.r.o. has been committed to quality as long as it’s been in business. The company is official general representative for the world-renowned Kässbohrer PistenBully®, Reform municipal and agricultural equipment and MOTOREX lubricants. TopKarMoto s.r.o. was founded on November 1, 2009 by Pavel Lipenský. It was an easy step for the dynamic entrepreneur to take after receiving approval as general representative of Pisten- Bully® snow groomers and Reform municipal and agricultural equipment. TopKarMoto represents Reform not just in the Czech Republic, but in Slovakia as well. Having worked together for many years, with Reform since 1997 and with Kässbohrer since 1999, the partners knew each other well – an ideal qualification for managing the brands successfully. OVER 550 NEW MACHINES TopKarMoto s.r.o.’s core competency is dealing in machines from the two manufacturers. The company also offers well-organized spare parts and customer service. TopKarMoto customers can get everything they need from one supplier and appreciate the advice provided by the company’s highly motivated staff. Since the start of the collaboration with Kässbohrer and Reform, TopKarMoto s.r.o. has sold over 150 new large Reform machines and over 400 new and used PistenBullys®. The fact that the general importer’s 23-person team has many years of experience with 14

Reform vehicles and machines are some of the top sellers in the product portfolio. TopKarMoto sets the standard in infrastructure as well, doing highly productive and professional work. TopKarMoto has enjoyed many years of success with PistenBully ® snow groomers. As importer for MOTOREX ALPINE and FARMER LINE, TopKarMoto uses MOTOREX lubricants in its own workshop and also supplies them directly to its customers. both manufacturers and their technologies is certainly a key success factor. in some machines, and TopKarMoto pays strict attention to operating safety in all its equipment. RECOMMENDED BY MOTOREX TopKarMoto and MOTOREX became acquainted at the InterMountain 2010 trade show in the Czech Republic. MOTOREX and the comprehensive ALPINE LINE caught the attention of TopKarMoto’s staff at a PistenBully® technical training session. TopKarMoto had long felt an unspoken need for top-quality lubricants tested in an alpine country (Switzerland) for their demanding alpine infrastructure. As a further plus, MOTOREX’s FARMER LINE serves another of the general representative’s major market segments. So MOTOREX was brought into the company’s portfolio as a third famous import brand. By working with MOTOREX, TopKarMoto has strengthened its position with the global PistenBully® and Reform brands and noticeably increased the benefits for its customers. Pavel Lipenský and his team confirm without hesitation: “We’ve put together a four-way combination that’s never been seen before in terms of efficiency!” • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE “Our customers expect us to be able to give competent answers to any question they may have”, Pavel Lipenský tells us in an interview. “That’s why it’s especially important for me to have a lubricant partner who really knows their way in our fields and can meet even the most extreme lubrication challenges with the right product.” As many as 12 different lubricants are used The team currently consists of 23 highly motivated employees whose knowledge and skill in a wide range of fields is unmatched. Pavel Lipenský in white t-shirt. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2013 15



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