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REPORT CONTINUED KTM applies what it learns from racing to mass production at all levels. Pictured: Sandro Cortese, Moto3 world champion. KTM fills all the engines and lubricated components at its factory with MOTOREX. RACING AS TEST LAB What better environment for testing an engine and chassis to the extreme than a racetrack or off-road racecourse? What better test lab for pre-market development? And what better way for engineers to show off what they can do? KTM, MOTOREX and their entire workforces are driven by passion, fascination and the will to keep getting better. MOTOREX motor sport lubricants are specifically designed for the gruelling racing environment. It goes without saying that dependability and squeezing out every last drop of performance are key. Besides the factory teams, private teams on KTM bikes are also keen to benefit from the development collaboration. That’s why various special oils bearing the unmistakable orange KTM “Only one can become world champion – MOTOREX always has the best and fastest solution in the field of lubricants!” Pit Beirer, Head of Motorsports KTM racing label were developed. KTM’s motor racing department was involved in creating such racing fluids as the thoroughbred KTM RACING 4T SAE 10W/60 engine oil and state-of-the-art KTM RACING PRO 4T 5W/30, among others. 120 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES During the past ten years of collaboration with MOTOREX, KTM and HUSABERG have brought home an astonishing 120 world championship trophies in a wide range of categories – over half of all the world championships this fervent racing brand has ever won. Not to mention countless victories in national series. This string of successes is testimony to the key role that racing has long played for the KTM and MOTOREX brands. Motor sports offer the ideal environment for testing and improving the latest advances in materials and technology under the toughest conditions. That’s why KTM’s corporate philosophy is “Ready to Race”. Insights gained in racing flow directly into mass production. 2012: A YEAR OF TRIUMPHS 2012 was KTM’s most successful racing year ever. Tony Cairoli won his third title in a row in the MX1 world championship and Jeffrey Herlings finished the MX2 season as overall champion for the first time. US superstar Ryan Dungey turned in an impressive performance to claim the 450cc class title in the American Motocross Championship while young Dutchman Caleb Grothues in the 65cc class and Slovene Tim Gajser in the 125cc class took two titles in the Junior Motocross World Championship. In the Enduro world KTM is absolutely dominant. With Antoine Meo, Christobal Guerrero and Christophe Nambotin the Mattighof company claimed the world championship title in all three classes, with Mathias Bellino even bringing home the juniors trophy as well. And if any further proof of KTM’s and MOTOREX’s hard-hitting power in motor racing is needed, the triumphs of Sandro Cortese and numerous other KTM riders in the Moto3 world championship in KTM’s first year 12

With a total production volume of 107,000 motorcycles, 2012 was a record year for KTM and HUSABERG. In the United States, KTM is the off-road brand – the US KTM motocross team ensures racing success overseas. back on the Grand Prix Sport circuit should fit the bill. That makes 7 world championships in one year! As soon as one race is over, the next is on the way, and just a few days after the start of the new year KTM along with Cyril Despres and MOTOREX claimed the prize in the Dakar Rally – the 12 th triumph in a row in the toughest race of all. MOTOREX AS OEM The exemplary collaboration involves continual pursuit of synergies, revealing new dimensions in lubricant engineering and innovative solutions in engine and component design. As a result, MOTOREX as OEM for KTM is not really a sponsor, but more of a technology partner. Needless to say, KTM uses MOTOREX lubricants exclusively for series production and specifies them in all factory technical documentation, and they are used by official KTM dealers worldwide. It would seem that the secret of both companies’ success is their basic philosophy of always striving for better and better solutions. It is no accident that KTM last year sold more motorcycles than ever before. There is no “For years KTM and MOTOREX have been among the coolest labels on the US off-road motorcycle scene.” Jon Eric Burleson, KTM USA shortage of ideas and innovations, and the second decade of collaboration is already off to a promising start! • WORLD TRAVELLING COMPANIONS Today KTM is represented on every continent and in 65 countries around the globe. MOTOREX’s accomplishments in liquid form are along for the ride. From the very beginning, the collaboration with KTM has been highly visible on racing motorbikes and in targeted marketing activities. More recently countries that MOTOREX does not yet serve have been supplied with the appropriate MOTOREX lubricants and care products through the KTM distribution network. This has piqued the interest of quality-conscious motorcycle fans, and motivated MOTOREX importers are emerging in new countries all the time. Innovation is a key element of the KTM brand. KTM is the first company to offer a zero-emissions off-road sport motorcycle for sale. MOTOREX MAGAZINE I APRIL 2013 13



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