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motor oil Clean and

motor oil Clean and green: MOTOREX NEXUS FE SAE 5W/30 is not just extremely versatile, it also measurably reduces fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions. NEXUS FE SAE 5W/30: MULTIFACETED ECONOMY Versatile low-lubricity NEXUS FE SAE 5W/30 motor oil is economical in three ways at once: it reduces fuel costs, CO 2 emissions, and, thanks to its excellent protection against wear, repair and maintenance costs as well. Convincing arguments for customers from a wide range of industries. When a business invests in the latest generation of vehicles and machinery, the impact on operating costs should be as positive as possible. New technologies can improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The savings potential of using an innovative low-lubricity motor oil like MOTOREX NEXUS FE, however, is often underestimated… FOCUS ON CONSUMPTION Fuel consumption is a variable component in calculat ing operating costs. These days manufacturers and operators alike are making serious efforts to optimize every factor affecting consumption – driving practices, weight reduction, tire pressure, etc. Coupled with a fuel economy motor oil, these factors can reduce fuel consumption by up to a further 3%. And that pays off in cold, hard cash. A freight company that operates, say, ten trucks covering a total of 500,000 kilometers per year could save 0.6 liters per 100 kilometers, or 4,000 liters of diesel fuel a year. Multiply that by the current price per liter and the savings can be calcu lated precisely. FORMULA POINTS THE WAY AHEAD With the new NEXUS FE (Fuel Economy) low-lubricity motor oil, the MOTOREX range includes a low-SAPS oil in the groundbreaking SAE 5W/30 viscosity class. Its 8

MULTITALENTED Not just the latest generation of engines, but older ones as well can benefit from the advantages of extremely versatile NEXUS FE SAE 5W/30. Customers from a wide range of industries have enthusiastically rushed to adopt MOTOREX’s multitalented lowlubricity motor oil. The innovative MS Saphir on Lake Lucerne: the diesel-electric ship is powered by three 192 kW SISU 66 TTMIM-4V common rail diesel engines with DPFs. Berthod Transports uses one of the first VOLVO Euro 6 FH 4460s delivered in Switzerland. It is filled with NEXUS FE. NEXUS FE is ideal for the latest combine generations. Running clean with up to 109 passengers: a Neuchâtel public transport Mercedes Citaro 0 530 G Euro 6. This MAN TGS 26480 street sweeper, specially equipped to clean traces of oil, runs on MOTOREX NEXUS FE for efficient operation. Several generations of vehicles and construction equipment can benefit from NEXUS’ advantages: A case in point is Swiss road construction and civil engineering company Hagedorn AG. low viscosity and special additives result in a measurable (1–3%) improvement in fuel efficiency. Quality base oils and modern additives keep the engine clean in all operating conditions while offering high shear stability and long-lasting protection against wear. And less wear sooner or later leads to lower maintenance and repair costs. MOTOREX NEXUS FE is one of the first engine oils to meet both the ACEA E6 and API CJ 4 specifications. Until now, customers have had to use two different oils to meet both specifications, making the new NEXUS FE a pioneer in simplified inventory management as well. BENEFITS INCLUDED Keeping the latest generation of engines equipped with innovative exhaust gas treatment systems running efficiently and economically requires a low-SAPS motor oil (with very low sulfate ash, phosphorus and sulfur content). As MOTOREX’s most advanced low-SAPS lowlubricity engine oil for commercial vehicles, NEXUS FE SAE 5W/30 offers several advantages: • Measurably reduces fuel consumption and lowers CO 2 emissions • Provides outstanding protection against wear • Extremely versatile • Ideal for EURO 6 engines (observe manufacturers’ requirements) and meets various manufacturers’ approvals Switching to NEXUS FE SAE 5W/30 pays off in three ways. Your MOTOREX partner will be glad to help you determine whether it’s right for your vehicle fleet. • NEXUS FE SAE 5W/30 APPROVALS ACEA E9, E7, E6 API CJ-4, CI-4/ SN MB-Approval 228.51 MAN M 3477, M 3271-1 VOLVO VDS 4, VDS 3, CNG Renault RXD, RLD-3, RLD-2, RGD Deutz DQC IV-10LA MTU Type 3.1, Cummins CES 20081 MACK EO-M Plus, EO-O, Premium Plus, EO-N CAT ECF-3, ECF-2, ECF-1a Safety + Performance: MB 228.31 A SOLUTION FOR SCANIA TOO With POWER LD SAE 10W/40 motor oil, MOTOREX also offers the ideal oil for SCANIA, which requires the LDF-3 manufacturer’s standard. motorex Magazine 100 I december 2013 9



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